Friday, May 21, 2010

anyone wants massage? :P

I am veryvery busy and exhausted recently. This semester really is a tiring semester. We had so many programs and events to be held. We had Sport's Day, then we're having Medicos - culture night - next week so I had to practice because me and some of my friends are going to perform - dancing. We practiced everyday in a week. My ribs got sprained. Yes, RIBS. I never had one at my ribs before. I hurts a lot. I can't even move my body when I'm sleeping. It hurts when I raise my hand or even bend my body. The pain stays till now. We had Culinary Day after the practice. We didn't sleep the whole night preparing for the food. I cooked for a very long time - I didn't count. So, the pain got worse. My back was paining and it made my ribs even more paining.

I definitely needed a massage, because I still have to perform next week and i can't sleep peacefully every night. That's why last night I asked one of my friend, Silvia, to give me a massage. She's good in it, haha..

Lemme tell you, it was TERRIBLE! it hurt a lot. I mean, A LOT. I don't know what's wrong with my muscles or nerves at my ribs, what I know is it hurts a lottt.. We had a "massage team" last night: Silvia was the "massager", and Melisa, Lydia & Vivi were there to hold my hands and feet tight. It hurt so much that I held Silvia's hand all the time and asked her to stop. So they needed to hold both of my hands and feet very tightly. hahaha.. damnn.. I shouted and almost cried :'(

But then I felt better when I was about to sleep last night, when I set my sleeping position - yeahhh, I need to set the position every time I sleep so that I won't feel the pain. However, the pain stays till now, because of that "mean" massage. Hopefully it'll get better soon.. I don't wanna suffer agaiiinn by having that kind of massage agaaaiiinnnnn!!! hahahaha..
Still, thank you, my massage team : Silvia, Melisa, Lydia, Vivi :P

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