Monday, May 31, 2010

saying goodbye..

I have a good friend from the church. Her name is Jean Weymier. We were in the choir - she was the guitar player who always sat in front and I am one of the singers who always stand behind the guitarists. We didn't spend much time together. Our choir doesn't do practice regularly every week, only if we are preparing for big events - Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. Until last year, when our relationship began.

I don't know how, but I think it's because she always sent me e-mail after each practice. She always thanked me for coming and bringing the others to the practice too, because only few people come to the practice. She was always very happy to see everyone of us came. We also enjoyed those practices so much because she's very nice, kind, and she sings well. She knows everything it needs for a choir. She knows good technique of singing. That made our choir a lot better. Noone in the choir knows how to sing and lead the choir better than her.

So, it all began with those e-mails. Then it has become a habit of ours to send each other e-mails, just telling what happened that day or that week. As time went by, we also share private things, like her husband's job - she told me like everything when they were having problems in her husband's job. And we have a lot of things in common, we are even in the same field of science: Medical. She is a nurse and I'm a medical student. That's why she knows a lot about the medical subjects and that makes our conversation even better. And what surprised me was, our birthdays are in the same month: January! And only two days difference - she's on 19th and I'm on 21st. (When I'm writing this blog, I realize more, how many things I have in common with her, how much fun and good time I had with her. And this makes me even saddderrrr :( )

She has three kids - Jacob, Sabrina and Danielle. They are very lovely and nice, esp. the girls. They are Altar helpers. So the family has given such a lot of contributions to our church.

We celebrated our birthdays together before I went home for winter break this year. We cooked together - I made an Indonesian Chinese food and she made chicken wings, her family's secret Asian recipee. It was so fun that we're talking while cooking the food, just like what housewives do, hahahahaha :D Then they gave me surprises after dinner. She made a super-duper-yummy chocolate cake for our birthday cake and gave me a CD of gospel songs for my birthday present. And the kids - they gave us a lemon-shaped candle each. It was so funny to recall how proud the were to find those candles - they look like real lemons, hahahaha.. They also gave me three birthday cards, and Danielle has always been the sweetest - she made rings and bracelets by herself for my Christmas and birthday gifts. It was an unforgettable birthday celebration, for sure.

Then, she said they might be leaving for their home for good, because of Dave's - her husband - job. His boss no longer prolong their contract in China, so they have to go back to the States. She told me about this before the winter break, and we always be surprised to realize how fast time runs. Well, TODAY is THE DAY when they have to leave Suzhou. We had a bad farewell at the church last Sunday. We were sobbing and hugging each other. We've promised to stay in touch via emails and Skype. I talked to her on Skype last night and I was sobbing again. I feel like I'm losing a very good friend and lovely kids. She's also been a figure of mother for me. More importantly, what the choir would be without her??? :'(
She promised she would come along if Dave has a chance to come back to Suzhou for a business trip, and she said the probability is big. Maybe next year. And I'm hoping I can go to the States and visit them when I'm visiting my aunt. I'll be missing them a lot, but we believe we would still meet again someday.
The worst thing in the world is to say "good bye", but never will I regret having you in my life.
I'm not saying goodbye to you. It's :  Till we meet again! :)
We all ♥ you, Weymiers!

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