Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the video of the moment of my life! :D

Heyyy! Here I proudly present the video of the moment of my life!

This video means so much for me as well as the photos I've uploaded before, because they are the proofs that I've made a big change in my life: I overcame my fear. I might still shudder & feel disgusting every time I see these "things", but at least I HAVE TRIED & SUCCEED. These proofs will always remind me & support me that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, with the help of God, that's for sure.

Thank you for everybody - my wonderful friends! - for encouraging me to overcome my fear, for helping me out, for being patient to wait for me to be ready to do so, to stay still even though I was so annoying that I screamed & cried a lot before I finally DID it :D

Enjoy! lol


Friday, June 25, 2010

Jealousy vs. Being Grateful

This evening, when I was having dinner with one of my best friends, she told me that she's jealous to me.
She said that I'm living a good life, I got everything I want & everybody loves me, everybody enjoys being around me.

Wow. Am I that lucky that I make her feel jealous to me? Because I think she's having a good life too!
What I think is, NOBODY has EVERYTHING he/she wants. Nobody really is satisfied with what he/she has. Because we are humans. And it is very human that we feel jealous to other people, feeling that "other people's fields are greener than mine".

However, what everybody has to do is just always be grateful of our lives. Even a person that we thought he/she already has a perfect life can feel jealous to other people too! So, as long as you don't try to give thanks, you will not feel satisfied of your life, even though actually you already have what other people might don't have.

We can wear pretty shoes and slippers, while other people might don't have legs to walk.
We have a plate full of delicious dishes, while other people might don't have money to buy rice.
We sleep under a thick blanket, while other people might don't have place to stay.
Simple things, but have we ever been thankful? Do we appreciate those SIMPLE things?

When we see a person who is succeed in his/her career or who always looks happy, we think that they must be very lucky & happy with their lives. But in fact, we don't know what they've been through, or how hard they've tried to be as succeed as they are now. Or we don't know what problems they are actually facing now behind their happy faces.

I know one person that is living a perfect life: having a kind and loving husband, and living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Everything that everybody could wish for! But she's been through her darkest & worst time. She was very close to the end of a human's life: DEATH. If I were her, I didn't know whether I would've had such strength to get through it. She's been a very strong woman that she now deserves the life she's living now, and she's being my inspiration..

Experience & everything we've been through DO make us more mature. They've made ME more mature. Many good and bad things happened in my life, but because of those bad times, I've learned a lot. Now, I try to give thanks & look for the positive things behind a bad thing. I can say that I am grateful enough of what I have now. Of course, I often feel jealous with other people too, but on the other hand, I also know that I'm lucky enough to be me. And the luckiest thing of being me is having parents like my parents!
I'm grateful that God has given me so much strength during my bad times. Until this very second :)

So, what I try to say here is, even if you FEEL that you don't have everything that other people do, even if you THINK you don't have a life as good as other people do, always try to give thanks to God and appreciate everything you have, because you won't know that somebody's being envy to you as well! :)

Moreover, we have a Savior and Shepherd who will never leave us even in the darkest night. See how lucky we are!

When you feel that God is working on other people's life, be happy, because He's working on your life, too! God is good all the time, and He knows what's best for us. His timing is just PERFECT for us! :)

Cc Anny

September 9, 2009 (09-09-09)

Dedicated to my beloved sister, friend & GodmotherAnna Maria ANNY Prasetijo

Since the time I took my first breath
And saw the world for the very first time
You'd been loving me
You protected me and took a good care of me
When I was sick, stuck, and falling down
Your heart was broken, too

Only God knows
How many times you said
How much you loved me
You wanted to give everything you could give
Your prayer never stopped escorting me
In every step I took in my life

When Mama was not there by my side anymore
When I felt there wouldn't be anyone could ever loved me like she did
You were always there to remind me
That I still had you here as my Godmother

Never I thought you would have gone this fast
People who loved me most
Left me when I started to grow up
And just started to understand the love they'd given for me
When I just realized
How much I love them, too
But never got the chance to tell them so

Today is a great day
You must be very happy, aren't you?
'Tho you're not here with me
You're staying in my heart
And will always be
Thanks for your love

I ♥ you so much..

Old poems from middle school 2 :P

another poems!

'Tuk Yang Teristimewa
Kau slalu hadir di saat ku membutuhkanmu
Kau slalu ada kala ku sedang risau
Dan slalu menjadi pendengar yang setia
Kapanpun ku bercerita

Terima kasih kawanku
Atas segala yang kau berikan padaku
Kasih sayang dan perhatian
Yang tak kuperoleh dari yang lain

Walau ku t'lah banyak membebanimu
Dan menyusahkanmu
Namun kau tetap menjadi kawanku yang terbaik
Di antara semuanya

Aku menyayangimu dengan segenap hatiku
Dan akan s'lalu menyayangimu sampai akhir masa
Kau yang teristimewa bagiku
Tak ada yang 'kan dapat menggantikanmu di hatiku

Sylvia Sumitro

Old poems from middle school 1 :P

I love writing poems & short stories. I wrote more when I was in the middle school, because I don't have that much time anymore :( I even wrote short stories where I can put my imaginations or everything I wish could happen to me :D but I never send it or publish it anywhere, so, I just wanna share some here. Check this out! :)

Engkaulah yang terbaik di antara semuanya
Kau anugerah Tuhan yang terindah
Yang diberikanNya untukku

Suka dan duka
Kita jalani bersama
Canda dan tawa
Kita bagi berdua
Di antara pahit manis dan gelapnya kehidupan
Kau beri aku terang

Kau bagai dewi penolongku
Yang slalu hadir di sampingku
Saat ku membutuhkanmu
Kala ku sedang bimbang dan galau

Kuingin kau tahu
Betapa aku menyayangimu
Ku tak ingin kehilanganmu

Tetaplah di sini sahabatku sayang
Temani aku melewati hari-hari ini
Kau 'kan slalu ada di hatiku
'Tuk s'lamanya

Sylvia Sumitro

P.S: stlh dbaca ulang & dpikir2, aga lebay jg yahh dulu penggunaan kata2nya,, just like a true poetry dahh syl! LOL!
hahahaha.. namanya jg jaman SMP :P

God is good all the time! Part 2 :)

Continuing from the last story of the last post (click HERE to read it), it was still good & relieving because we were not doing the experiment alone, but 4 people instead. But still, we had some difficulties in finding the carotid artery because the rabbit's neck structure was quite complicated. Luckily, Raymond helped. Again, he's become my saviour ♥

To make it short, we passed the exam well, fiuuuhhhh.. Thanks to Raymond & all the girls: Silvia, Vivi & Vthaa.. Yayy, no more labs this semester! Thank God!!

To make my grateful list even longer, I had an accident last week. It was the first accident since I drive my own e-bike.

I watched the World Cup match Japan v. Cameroon with some Indonesian & American friends, & Japan won *info ga penting! haha*. Actually we didn't really enjoy the match because none of us really support those teams, hehehe.. The road was slippery because it rained the whole day. I was taking Melisa behind me, & I was in full speed & excitement because the other 3 American friends, they were riding their cool new bikes that are really fast. When I was trying to make a turn, my bike slipped & we fell down. It was a quick accident - as always, I think. I was sliding on the road with Melisa & my bike on top of me. None of us screamed nor cried. My friend - Khushbu - did. They stopped & helped me & Melisa.  I didn't cry, I laughed instead because I felt so stupid - remember, it was the first time I fell from my bike. I also felt sorry for Melisa for making her having the wound she's having on her knee now, & I was also felt sorry for Hassan, Azim & Khushbu because it was already over 12 o'clock at night & I made them busy helping & taking care of both of us. They brought us back to dorm - luckily it wasn't far from our dorm - & took care of us - cleaning the wounds & applying Betadine on it. They were so gentle, nice & they really treated us like a little princess! I was enjoying that moment, to be honest :D I'm sure they'll be good docs in the future!

But the miracle was, I only got a fair wound on my knee & some scratches on my arms & feet. Nothing on my hipbone, where I expected at least bruises or scratches there. I slided with Melisa & my bike on the top of me, remember? I could feel my hips touch the road as I slided along the road. But nothing's there. The wounds could've been a lot worse, but God's really protecting us when we fell. I was glad too because nothing happened to Melisa. That's the first thing I asked after I fell: Was she alright? You know how it feels when you cause or put somebody into trouble or accident, do you? Yeahh, that's how I felt that moment.

The last but not least, I was asking for God's help for England to win last nite's match so that they can go through the Top 16, & they did! ^^

There are still so many things happened in my life that was all because of God that I can't list them one by one here, but He's making me realize more and more day by day, that God is good all the time & He's working in my life.
His plans are the best for us & always be in the best timing in our life.
Everything happens for a reason.

God is good all the time! Part 1 :)

hey theree!! It's been weeks since the last time I updated this blog.. I'm having exams & as usual, I'll be studying everyday during June-July.. Especially this semester the exams started earlier than ever before.. huftt..

I think this is gonna be a long post, hehehe.. Maybe I can make this into 2 posts :D

Starting from this semester, Chinese Government gives us foreign students scholarship. I don't know why they do so, but that's just a good news for us! hehehehe.. This scholarship is prioritized for those who get the school's scholarship & the monitors. Luckily, I have both the criterias, so I applied, even though I didn't know what will I get if they accept my application, but scholarship is never disadvantageous, isn't it? hahahahaha..

A week or two ago, I got another good news: I got the scholarship! Only two students in my class have the opportunity, so, how could I not feel blessed?! I'm getting 700 RMB per month for 10 months. Great! These scholarships - the school & Chinese government's - motivate me to keep the hard work.. I know, actually so many other students deserve this scholarship more than me because their academic score is better than me, and I often think that I got this opportunity just because I'm the monitor. However, I'm still grateful & feeling honored, of course.

One thing you never knew about me is that my biggest fear is the mouse! My family & friends know it, because it's so damn obvious, hahahahha.. I was so afraid of what would happen to me this semester, because I have Pharmacology, & they use mice for experiments! To make it worse, they ask us to hold a mouse & inject it, so we're not only asked to TOUCH a mouse, which was already far from possible to me, but also know how to HOLD PROPERLY & TIGHTLY so that it can't bite us. WOW, huh? I was thinking & wondering, how could I pass this exam? Would I lose the opportunity of getting the scholarship next time, as it's only given to those who never fail on every exam, only because of this lab exam?? Only because of those damn little thingyy?? Nooo, mannn, please.....

So, I learn to TOUCH a mouse in my first Pharmacology experiment. I was freaking out to even touch its tail - its most disgusting part but the best part to touch & hold for the first time. But when I finally touched it, I had to admit that it felt nice - it's like velvet. Very soft. On the next experiment, I finally had the courage to LOOK AT them continuously without feeling disgust - I wasn't able to even look at a picture of a mouse, terrible eh? hahaha.. But still, I still didn't have the courage to face my fear: holding it.

Until the last day of experiment, a week before Pathophysiology lab exam & 2 weeks before Pharmacology lab exam, which was the last chance for me to practice if I wanted to pass those exams, everybody encouraged me to do it. I knew I had to, but...... You know, it's really really hard to overcome your fear. I've been afraid of mice since I was a kid. Everything related to mice is my enemyy. I crieddd so hard at that time. I was sobbing there in front of everybody, including the Indian students. I was so embarassed to do so but I just couldn't control it. I didn't want to cry, for sure, but it was because I was too afraid. Anybody ever felt the way I feel?? :'( But then I said to myself: it's "NOW OR NEVER". First step, I TOUCH THE TAIL. Well, I've done it before, but because it was few months ago, I again lost the courage to even touch the tail. Then, I started to touch its body by stroking it. Again, I had to admit that mice have very soft fur. hehehehehe.. To cut the story down, I finally DID it!
me & my pet LOL
See? This is the authentic PROVE!! hahahaha..

I'm soooo proud of myself! & I proudly showed this photo to my dad, sisters, friends, EVERYBODY! I uploaded it on the Facebook to let the world know that SYLVIA SUMITRO FINALLY HELD A MOUSE! LMAO.

That was the first time I used the word "cute" for those animals! *blushed!* lol.

But, eventhough I finally was succeed in holding mice, the next time I wanna hold it, I'll still need "warm up" time, hahaha.. Sure it's the hardest thing for me! And finally, the day for Pathophysiology lab exam had come. We had to take a paper randomly to know what kind of task we had to do. We had three groups in 1 room, means 3 rabbits. A rabbit had 10 steps, so the ones who got the 11th step had to inject a mouse. And "luckily", I did get the 11th step!! I was LUCKY to get a mouse because having to do the experiment using a rabbit was undoubtly more difficult than a mouse. Many friends asked me to switch places with me, but I decided to accept this honorable role hahahaha.. When I told my dad about this experience, he laughed & said "God knows that you have to overcome your fear, & He's planned this for you!". I know, dad, sure He did! :)

Again, by God's blessing & miracle, I passed this task well :)

And today was another day for my other lab exam, Pharmacology. I'm telling you a secret that the school doesn't know: we stealed 2 mice from the lab! hahaha.. Because one of my American friends, Sara, she even couldn't hold the mice like I did ;) So we wanted to steal some & have a practice before the real Pharmacology exam. Therefore, this afternoon I had a practice on those mice & I was quite confident & mentally ready for today's lab exam. Unexpectedly, when the exam was about to start, the teacher told us that there would be 14 students doing the experiment using rabbits. And I was one of those 14!! See how God's planned everything for me? Awesome! hahahaha.. Maybe He wants me to be able to do the experiments with both of the animals, that's why He made me try to do the things I THOUGHT I would never be able to do. Praise The Lord! :)

I've told you, this is gonna be a long post, & it is! hahahaha..

To be continued, ok ;)