Friday, June 25, 2010

Cc Anny

September 9, 2009 (09-09-09)

Dedicated to my beloved sister, friend & GodmotherAnna Maria ANNY Prasetijo

Since the time I took my first breath
And saw the world for the very first time
You'd been loving me
You protected me and took a good care of me
When I was sick, stuck, and falling down
Your heart was broken, too

Only God knows
How many times you said
How much you loved me
You wanted to give everything you could give
Your prayer never stopped escorting me
In every step I took in my life

When Mama was not there by my side anymore
When I felt there wouldn't be anyone could ever loved me like she did
You were always there to remind me
That I still had you here as my Godmother

Never I thought you would have gone this fast
People who loved me most
Left me when I started to grow up
And just started to understand the love they'd given for me
When I just realized
How much I love them, too
But never got the chance to tell them so

Today is a great day
You must be very happy, aren't you?
'Tho you're not here with me
You're staying in my heart
And will always be
Thanks for your love

I ♥ you so much..

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