Friday, June 25, 2010

God is good all the time! Part 1 :)

hey theree!! It's been weeks since the last time I updated this blog.. I'm having exams & as usual, I'll be studying everyday during June-July.. Especially this semester the exams started earlier than ever before.. huftt..

I think this is gonna be a long post, hehehe.. Maybe I can make this into 2 posts :D

Starting from this semester, Chinese Government gives us foreign students scholarship. I don't know why they do so, but that's just a good news for us! hehehehe.. This scholarship is prioritized for those who get the school's scholarship & the monitors. Luckily, I have both the criterias, so I applied, even though I didn't know what will I get if they accept my application, but scholarship is never disadvantageous, isn't it? hahahahaha..

A week or two ago, I got another good news: I got the scholarship! Only two students in my class have the opportunity, so, how could I not feel blessed?! I'm getting 700 RMB per month for 10 months. Great! These scholarships - the school & Chinese government's - motivate me to keep the hard work.. I know, actually so many other students deserve this scholarship more than me because their academic score is better than me, and I often think that I got this opportunity just because I'm the monitor. However, I'm still grateful & feeling honored, of course.

One thing you never knew about me is that my biggest fear is the mouse! My family & friends know it, because it's so damn obvious, hahahahha.. I was so afraid of what would happen to me this semester, because I have Pharmacology, & they use mice for experiments! To make it worse, they ask us to hold a mouse & inject it, so we're not only asked to TOUCH a mouse, which was already far from possible to me, but also know how to HOLD PROPERLY & TIGHTLY so that it can't bite us. WOW, huh? I was thinking & wondering, how could I pass this exam? Would I lose the opportunity of getting the scholarship next time, as it's only given to those who never fail on every exam, only because of this lab exam?? Only because of those damn little thingyy?? Nooo, mannn, please.....

So, I learn to TOUCH a mouse in my first Pharmacology experiment. I was freaking out to even touch its tail - its most disgusting part but the best part to touch & hold for the first time. But when I finally touched it, I had to admit that it felt nice - it's like velvet. Very soft. On the next experiment, I finally had the courage to LOOK AT them continuously without feeling disgust - I wasn't able to even look at a picture of a mouse, terrible eh? hahaha.. But still, I still didn't have the courage to face my fear: holding it.

Until the last day of experiment, a week before Pathophysiology lab exam & 2 weeks before Pharmacology lab exam, which was the last chance for me to practice if I wanted to pass those exams, everybody encouraged me to do it. I knew I had to, but...... You know, it's really really hard to overcome your fear. I've been afraid of mice since I was a kid. Everything related to mice is my enemyy. I crieddd so hard at that time. I was sobbing there in front of everybody, including the Indian students. I was so embarassed to do so but I just couldn't control it. I didn't want to cry, for sure, but it was because I was too afraid. Anybody ever felt the way I feel?? :'( But then I said to myself: it's "NOW OR NEVER". First step, I TOUCH THE TAIL. Well, I've done it before, but because it was few months ago, I again lost the courage to even touch the tail. Then, I started to touch its body by stroking it. Again, I had to admit that mice have very soft fur. hehehehehe.. To cut the story down, I finally DID it!
me & my pet LOL
See? This is the authentic PROVE!! hahahaha..

I'm soooo proud of myself! & I proudly showed this photo to my dad, sisters, friends, EVERYBODY! I uploaded it on the Facebook to let the world know that SYLVIA SUMITRO FINALLY HELD A MOUSE! LMAO.

That was the first time I used the word "cute" for those animals! *blushed!* lol.

But, eventhough I finally was succeed in holding mice, the next time I wanna hold it, I'll still need "warm up" time, hahaha.. Sure it's the hardest thing for me! And finally, the day for Pathophysiology lab exam had come. We had to take a paper randomly to know what kind of task we had to do. We had three groups in 1 room, means 3 rabbits. A rabbit had 10 steps, so the ones who got the 11th step had to inject a mouse. And "luckily", I did get the 11th step!! I was LUCKY to get a mouse because having to do the experiment using a rabbit was undoubtly more difficult than a mouse. Many friends asked me to switch places with me, but I decided to accept this honorable role hahahaha.. When I told my dad about this experience, he laughed & said "God knows that you have to overcome your fear, & He's planned this for you!". I know, dad, sure He did! :)

Again, by God's blessing & miracle, I passed this task well :)

And today was another day for my other lab exam, Pharmacology. I'm telling you a secret that the school doesn't know: we stealed 2 mice from the lab! hahaha.. Because one of my American friends, Sara, she even couldn't hold the mice like I did ;) So we wanted to steal some & have a practice before the real Pharmacology exam. Therefore, this afternoon I had a practice on those mice & I was quite confident & mentally ready for today's lab exam. Unexpectedly, when the exam was about to start, the teacher told us that there would be 14 students doing the experiment using rabbits. And I was one of those 14!! See how God's planned everything for me? Awesome! hahahaha.. Maybe He wants me to be able to do the experiments with both of the animals, that's why He made me try to do the things I THOUGHT I would never be able to do. Praise The Lord! :)

I've told you, this is gonna be a long post, & it is! hahahaha..

To be continued, ok ;)

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