Friday, June 25, 2010

God is good all the time! Part 2 :)

Continuing from the last story of the last post (click HERE to read it), it was still good & relieving because we were not doing the experiment alone, but 4 people instead. But still, we had some difficulties in finding the carotid artery because the rabbit's neck structure was quite complicated. Luckily, Raymond helped. Again, he's become my saviour ♥

To make it short, we passed the exam well, fiuuuhhhh.. Thanks to Raymond & all the girls: Silvia, Vivi & Vthaa.. Yayy, no more labs this semester! Thank God!!

To make my grateful list even longer, I had an accident last week. It was the first accident since I drive my own e-bike.

I watched the World Cup match Japan v. Cameroon with some Indonesian & American friends, & Japan won *info ga penting! haha*. Actually we didn't really enjoy the match because none of us really support those teams, hehehe.. The road was slippery because it rained the whole day. I was taking Melisa behind me, & I was in full speed & excitement because the other 3 American friends, they were riding their cool new bikes that are really fast. When I was trying to make a turn, my bike slipped & we fell down. It was a quick accident - as always, I think. I was sliding on the road with Melisa & my bike on top of me. None of us screamed nor cried. My friend - Khushbu - did. They stopped & helped me & Melisa.  I didn't cry, I laughed instead because I felt so stupid - remember, it was the first time I fell from my bike. I also felt sorry for Melisa for making her having the wound she's having on her knee now, & I was also felt sorry for Hassan, Azim & Khushbu because it was already over 12 o'clock at night & I made them busy helping & taking care of both of us. They brought us back to dorm - luckily it wasn't far from our dorm - & took care of us - cleaning the wounds & applying Betadine on it. They were so gentle, nice & they really treated us like a little princess! I was enjoying that moment, to be honest :D I'm sure they'll be good docs in the future!

But the miracle was, I only got a fair wound on my knee & some scratches on my arms & feet. Nothing on my hipbone, where I expected at least bruises or scratches there. I slided with Melisa & my bike on the top of me, remember? I could feel my hips touch the road as I slided along the road. But nothing's there. The wounds could've been a lot worse, but God's really protecting us when we fell. I was glad too because nothing happened to Melisa. That's the first thing I asked after I fell: Was she alright? You know how it feels when you cause or put somebody into trouble or accident, do you? Yeahh, that's how I felt that moment.

The last but not least, I was asking for God's help for England to win last nite's match so that they can go through the Top 16, & they did! ^^

There are still so many things happened in my life that was all because of God that I can't list them one by one here, but He's making me realize more and more day by day, that God is good all the time & He's working in my life.
His plans are the best for us & always be in the best timing in our life.
Everything happens for a reason.

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