Saturday, July 24, 2010

goes public!

As you all have known since I've mentioned here, that, at first, this blog was made for a private consume.

As time goes by, I felt too curious to hear people's opinion about my blog, to kept this blog as a private blog. I then shared it with some friends.

But then, I am feeling weird, because I feel that I'm just talking to myself, or talking about the things that my readers have already known, since they are only two people and they live together with me - how could they didn't know, could they? Haha..

And also, actually I am curious to hear the opinion from the person that gave me inspiration to blog. Yes, Cc Ershinta. But I was too shy and not confident enough to share this blog with her.

After some periods of time, I finally had the courage to tell her the link of my blog, hahaha.. And I also plan to tell more people about the link, so that I can tell more stories to more people and hear more opinions from different kinds of persons. I think it will be very interesting :)

But I always think, is this blog good enough to be shared and read by many people? What would they say or think about the posts I wrote? Because I'm a perfectionist and I always want to give the best.

We'll see though. Hopefully I'll get the courage and bravery soon! Hahaha.. That's why, whoever you are, please do comment, to courage me to keep writing and blogging :)

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