Sunday, July 25, 2010


As usual, July-August is the time for summer break in China, so now we are on holiday. Yayy! Everybody surely loves holiday? But for me, sometimes holiday also means “boring time”. Yes, if you have nothing to do on holiday, then you’ll feel it’s so boring, won’t you? And you’ll miss all of your friends. I am. Almost all of my friends are back home now, including the rest of The Epileptics. It’s so quiet here, making me missing my school time – without the exams and stressing organization thingy, of course.

I’m happy that now I don’t need to be stressed out of the things I had during the semester, for sure, but having nothing to do is only slightly more relaxing. Especially because I’m used to be very busy, so when I have nothing to do, I’ll be stress too. It’s so hard to be me, huh?

Well, actually, I have a lot of things to do. I really mean A LOT. I can browse, blog, unpack and clean my dorm. Or watch movies and read books – I have lots of movies and novels or books waiting for me. But that means I don’t meet people. I only do stuffs on my own. Only me, myself and I. Wow! It’s a hard thing for me, you know! I love socializing, meeting lotta people and friends, and now I have to be an autis. How on earth I can be??

I'm revealing a secret: I cried yesterday. Hard. I wanted to go home. I was so lonely these days, because my friends who are also staying here hadn't moved yet till yesterday.

But yesterday night I was definitely having fun. I went to Brussel's - a Germany chocolate bar - with some friends: Vietha, Bobby, Manoj, Raymond, Jeff and Leo. Then we went to Pravda - a Russian bar.

And today, I spent the whole day with my seniors and some of my classmates, because we're having Saman Dance practice. I went to the church before and stayed in their apartment till 9:30pm. The practice was also so much fun! With 15 crazyy people practicing dancing, can you imagine how the practice was? Hahaha..

My seniors are very welcome to have me visiting their apartment or even spend nights there, anytime I want. Or just hanging out with them everytime I am free or feeling lonely. Well, now my holiday doesn’t seem to be that “lonely” and “quiet” anymore..

Tomorrow some of my friends and juniors will start their summer class. So, they will definitely be busy all day – the class starts at 9am and finishes at 4:30pm! So if I don’t have the seniors with me, I’ll absolutely have nothing to do.

Now I’m about to enjoy my holiday. Or at least, trying to start enjoying it. Haha..
Have a nice holiday, everyone!

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