Saturday, July 17, 2010

old poems from middle school 3

I was packing because we’re moving to another dormitory, so I was having all things inside my room “went out of their hiding-places”. It’s always interesting to find something you’ve lost for a long time or you even don’t remember that you still have them with you. And I did. I found my lost poems! Hahahaha..
I forget WHEN I wrote this poem, but it must be when I was in high school. Oh yes, I brought almost everything to China. LOL! And when I read it now, I have no idea from where I got those words so that it could be a pretty good poem – at least for me, hehehe..
This poem got no title. So, this is it:

Why do we close our eyes
While sleeping? Crying? Imagining?
It’s all because all the most beautiful things in the world
Are not visible
(I guess I got this part from the internet or somewhere else, but not my own words, haha.. Won’t bother you, let’s just continue it!)

Happiness is with someone
Who had cried
Who had been hurt
Who had searched
And who had tried
Because those people
Are the ones who appreciate
How important someone who had touched their life is

A great love...
Is when your tears flow down from your eyes
But still care about him
It is when he loves someone else
But you still can smile, and say,
“I’m happy with you”

Loving someone
Is not about forgetting, but forgiving
Is not about releasing, but surviving
Is not about what you see but what you feel

If you really love someone
Take care of him
Love him
And always make a smile on his face

There will be the time
When we have to stop loving someone
Not because he doesn’t love us
But because he would become happier
If we release him

It is better to wait for someone you want
Than to walk with the available one
It is better waiting for the “right one”
Because life is too short to be spent with someone who doesn’t love you
It’s better waiting for someone you love
Than the one around you
(I guess what I meant by this line was, it’s better to wait for someone you really love, than to force yourself to love anybody available at the moment because you feel desperate and tired of waiting)

The person you love is someone who had hurt you
And sometimes,
A friend who always gives you a big hug and cries with you
Is your “unrealized love”

Deep,eh? Though the words are not well arranged and the meaning is not well delivered. Please understand, cuz it was written by a high school student with unproper english, hahahahaha..
Lucunya dirikuu saat ituu :D
We’ll always smile when remembering the times we’ve passed. Even the darkest ones :)

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