Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm very sure everybody often has dreams in their sleep. Some people always dream everytime they sleep, but the others have it occasionally. I'm the one who doesn't always dream, just occasionally, maybe when I'm tired or feeling cold, or I was thinking about something before sleeping - with or without consciousness. My dad has a different story. He always has bad dreams - fighting - everytime he's feeling cold. So, if I see him fighting in his sleep, I know that he must be feeling cold, haha..

We also may experience dreaming of somebody we've never met. But what I experienced was, the people in my dreams were the ones I never know AT ALL - I didn't even know their existence, just some random people aside of the people I know.

What I want to share here is my strange experience of dreaming somebody I know but she doesn't know me. Got confused, eh? Let me explain. So, I know her from my friend, but she doesn't. For some personal reason that can't be mentioned here, I'm very jealous of her, eventhough I never meet her.

That night, when I was on the top of Huangshan (黄山 or Yellow Mountain), having a trip with some of my friends, I was feeling hot under my blanket, so I threw it. In the middle of the night, I had the dream. I dreamt about her coming to China for vacation and ruined my life here. I considered it as a bad dream, because I was really unhappy for her coming. Suddenly I was awake for awhile and realized that I was feeling a bit cold, maybe that's why I had such a dream. I was so surprised and felt so weird, though, because I never meet that girl. I only saw her photos - she has never been real in my life, if you know what I mean. It was all because of my jealousy. I was a bit amazed of how she could drive me crazy without even meeting her. And I want to get away from all of this jealousy thing, but I don't know - I'll never know - when will I be able to do so. I'm really tired and sick.........

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shanghai! Day 1

Holaa! Back to Suzhou agaain! :)

Did everybody have a nice weekend? I just got back from 'work' in Shanghai, haha.. As you've known, I got kind-of-important job there. I'll tell you about everything happened in Shanghai, but it will be a serial, hihii.. Not only to make you curious (hopefully), but also to wait for the complete picts from my friends.

Here is " SHANGHAI DAY 1".

(This post was written on August 19, 2010)
This afternoon we went to Shanghai. Our train was at 4:30pm, so at 5pm we already arrived there. We went to Shanghai for the Indonesian Independence Day celebration to perform our Saman Dance. The crew is: me, Adhimas, Angelina, Phanie, Dinda, Karin, Ipoenk, Valen, Ega, Frida, Marshall, Sasa, Vietha and Fenny. Too bad Thata couldn't come with us because of the chicken pox :(

After arriving there we had to wait for the other Indonesians from Nanjing for two hours. Then, we went to have dinner at Made In Indonesia, one of Indonesian restaurants in Shanghai. Shanghai has several Indonesian restaurants, and on the contrary, Suzhou doesn't even have one. So sadd.. After eating, we finally came to the service apartment (Carlany Hotel). I'm in one room with Sasa, Vietha, Fenny and Ci Frida. The room is so nice: two HUGE bed for two people that's actually enough for three people, one extra bed, bathroom (definitely), stove, fridge, microwave, hairdryer. Convenient, eh? ;)
However, it didn't mean that we could enjoy our room or go out or even take a rest, because we still had to do the fitting of the costumes and briefing about the Kecak dance we have to learn tomorrow (Nanjing will perform Kecak Dance, a famous sacred traditional dance from Bali, but they need our help because they don't have enough people and this dance needs so many people. That's why tomorrow we have to learn it & perform it as well the day after tomorrow. It sounds easy, but we'll see. Hopefully it will be so.

Although we were so tired and sleepy, but after reaching our room, we didn't go to sleep directly. We played cards, instead (hohohoo). The ones who lost the games would be given a punishment: dancing Saman! Hahaha.. It ended up with Ci Frida, Sasa and Vietha dancing Saman on the bed (Fenny didn't play cards - cheating!). Trust me, it was so funny! We have the recording but I'm not gonna publish it here, what a shame! :D

Now I have to go to bed. Still long way to go, but the good news is, the practice will start at 2pm so we still have time to go for lunch and don't have to wake up very early. We plan to have lunch at Hooters, have you heard about the restaurant? ;)

To be continued....

Stay tuned! ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Off to Shanghai!

As I've told you before that I'm going to perform Saman with some friends in Shanghai for our Independence Day celebration, today is finally the day of our departure to Shanghai. We're going at 4:30pm by the fastest train evaaa haha.. It'll only take about 20 minutes to get to Shanghai from Suzhou by this train. So fast and convenient, eh?

Sooo, you won't be hearing me till Sunday evening. Please wish us all luck, that we can perform well in front of everybody especially those important people. Let us bring the name of SISC, particularly the Indonesian medical students of Soochow University! This performance is gonna be very important for us. Not only we want to prove that WE CAN and WE EXIST!, but also to make all of the hard work to be paid off!

Till Sunday then! - hopefully with bunch of pictures :)

The Epidemy

Lately, there is an epidemy in Suzhou. Chicken pox. Several weeks ago - last month - one of my senior (Ci Phanie) got chicken pox. How did she get it? She went to swim in public swimming pool near her apartment for about 5 hours! (No wonder you got it, sis! lol). Unluckily, the virus she got seemed to be very strong. My other senior (Ci Iin) met her once and then she got it too! On the other day, another senior (Ci Frida) met her, and she thought she was safe because she's got chicken pox before. But after reaching apartment, she found red rashes on her skin that later was found out to be Pityriasis rosea - kind of secondary infection of chicken pox viruses. Scary, huh?

Since we had practice everyday, almost all of us are not in good conditions. We're tired, unfit, especially those who have to go to the hospital or summer course. That's why, yesterday right after we got back from the practice, there was a shocking news: one of my friends - Thata - got chicken pox! And we're going to Shanghai todayy!! She was in the Saman group and she won't be able to go - for sure. It's infectious and she also needs to take some rest for about two weeks. It really is a very shocking and sad news for us to lose one of the dancers after so many times of practices. Shit happens!

I asked my dad if I've had chicken pox before, and my sister said I haven't. Only my eldest sister has. Those who have ever got it can still get it again, so this epidemy is even more scary for people like me who never got it - yet.

I planned to go swimming during this summer break but after knowing that my senior got chicken pox after swimming - my other senior (Ronald) got skin disease also after swimming! - I then thought twice to do so. Ronald went to school's gym swimming pool which maybe not very clean or strict about people who swim there, maybe that's why he got the disease - and I definitely will never go to that swimming pool. I have to find a good swimming pool and here, in China, swimming costs a lot. The cheapest one is like around 25RMB and it's far away. Even my dad asked me not to swim for a while after I told him about this condition. It really is very scary!

Now I just hope I'm still having strong enough immunity although I'm very busy and tired these days, so that I won't get infected, too. Man, I hate this place! >.<

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today there was thuderstorm in Suzhou. I was outside and when I was about to go back to my dorm, the rain fell and the wind was blowing so hard. Billboards cracked and so many things on the street fell. I didn't have the courage to go outside the room and stayed there till the rain became a lil bit calm. Then I decided to take a taxi to bring me home (dorm). For the first time in three years since I came to China, Suzhou was flooding! Never had I seen such a thing! I took some pictures but they might be not so clear.


Saman on Independence Day in Shanghai

Today we had another Saman practice, we practice everyday because the day after tomorrow we're going to Shanghai and performing on the 21st.

Because today is our national day, we were divided into two groups - one group wore red shirts and the other wore white shirts. It was fun and very Indonesia, because we're celebrating the independence day, wearing red-white shirts and practicing one of the folk dances. We also sang a song for the Independence Day: 17 Agustus.

17 Agustus tahun 45
Itulah hari kemerdekaan kita
Hari merdeka nusa dan bangsa
Hari lahirnya bangsa Indonesia
Skali merdeka tetap merdeka!
Selama hayat masih dikandung badan
Kita tetap setia, tetap setia
Mempertahankan Indonesia
Kita tetap setia, tetap setia
Membela negara kita

Like I said on my last post, I love Indonesia more than I did before - since I'm an Indonesian chinese, I didn't feel so much love for Indonesia. But after coming to China and meeting so many Indonesians, the love has grown. Furthermore, like people always say, distance makes the hearts grow fonder. I miss home more, I miss Indonesian food, the friendly Indonesian people, etc. And it's also because almost all of the activities here are about introducing Indonesia to the world. We always perform something about Indonesia to make people here know more about our country.

Anyways, Happy 65th Birthday, Indonesia!

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku!

Today is my country's Independence Day!

Indonesian Flag.
Red means "blood" or "bravery". And white means "clean" or "holy".

Since I came to China, I started to love Indonesia even more than I did before.

Happy 65th Birthday, Indonesia! May you become a better and better country, and be totally FREE from all the problems we're having right now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sasa

Yesterday (August 15) was one of my friends' birthday: Sasa! It was the first birthday in China for her, because it's always in the middle of the summer break and she was always in Indonesia, but this year, as we're staying here, so we could celebrate it together.

The tradition is, we always give surprise on our classmates' birthday. So, we also prepared a surprise for her. As it was her first birthday in China, we wanted to make it very special and unforgettable for her. It was very hard, though, we had to prepare suprises that she wouldn't notice or be able to guess before the time, because she has been involved in so many other surprises for our classmates so it must'd been easy for her to guess cliche or ordinary surprises.

At 12am, we went to her room and gave her a small cake. Then we spent about two hours in her room, snacking and drinking wine, hohoho.. One of her friends came to China and brought a bottle of ice wine, which tasted sooo good!

her cake.

Sasa with the birthday presents. Don't you agree she doesn't look 21? Haha..

Sasa ♥ Spongebob!

Then, last night she invited us for buffet dinner at Casazoe Texmex, a Mexican restaurant. The food there always tastes good, and it'd been so long that I hadn't had dinner there. I ate till I couldn't put anything more inside my mouth and stomachh!

Me with birthday girl and Vthaa.

We gave her another surprise that night. We've planned and arranged some games, with punishment and prizes, of course. We played "Words Guessing" (or you can simply call it "Tebak Kata" in Indonesian, hehe). Each group consisted of 4 players, with one of them had to describe the four words given to them without saying anything (by movement). And the other players had to guess the words. Then, after those 4 words were guessed, they had to make a sentence from those words. My group was the fastest! So we won chocolates, yayy! :P Another game was "Glass Passing". We had to pass glasses full of water or coke (estafet) while singing happy birthday. Sasa's eyes were closed, and when she opened her eyes, the persons who had the glasses got the punishment. I had to drink two glasses of mango-juice-mixed-with-coke-and-lemonade-and-water-and I didn't know what else. Hmphh!! The punishment wasn't only drinking whatever in the glass, but also Sasa would do "body painting" on your body (anywhere but face). But at the end, everybody got the body painting, hahahaha.. So we went home with bodies full of "painting". It was so much fun! :D

See what she wrote on me?? OMG this ain't good! But everybody got it, so, it was okay! Haha..

We took pictures with everybody but unluckily I still don't have it :( Hopefully I'll get & upload them soon hehe..
Happy Birthday, Clarissa!
smooches! ♥
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own

Thursday, August 12, 2010

nyusup 2

Sebenernya pengen bikin post pake bahasa inggris lagi, tapi maluu, soalnya mo ngomongin masalah nyusup2an lagi, lanjutan dari nyusup 1 hahahaha.. Kan malu and takut ketauan kalo bikinnya pake inggris hihii..

These days I've been very busy, makanya udah beberapa hari absen blogging nehh.. Hari Selasa aku nyusup lagi ke hospital, tapi kali ini ga ke emergency surgery lagi tapi ngikut seniorku di departemen laen. Aku kira dia masih di Gynecology, soalnya minggu kemaren dia di sana. Rencananya sih dateng dari awal, jam 8 nyampe sana, tapi ujungnya kesiangan bangunnn, jam 8 baru bangun, haha.. Alhasil jam 9 an baru nyampe hospital.. Ternyata, senior aku (Ka Dinda) udah pindah ke Obstetric! Passs benerrr, aku kan paling cinta ama bayi-bayi mungil tak berdosaa, hihii.. Ada Ci Jessi juga. Ga banyak yang bisa dilakuin di Obs ini, tapi aku sempet liat ini nih:

Bayi-bayinya lagi dimandiin! Abis dimandiin, mereka dipindahin ke "wastafel" laennya, kaya direndem gitu (ga tau buat apa), sebelumnya dipakein kaya ban renang mungil gitu di lehernya, trus dilepasin aja kaya anak kecil lagi berenang.. Trus si bayi tidur deh dengan enaknya :) Sedih banget fotonya telat, jadi ga gitu keliatan betapa lucunyaa bayi-bayi ituu! Aku ampe bener-bener ngiri ama suster-suster Obs yang kerjaannya ngerawat bayi-bayi, mandiin, bisa pegang-pegang & gendong-gendong bayinyaa.. Ampe mikir pengen jadi suster obs aja deh, bukan dokter! Haha!

Pengen foto lagi yang jelas pas bayinya lagi diangkat pake "ban renang" itu, sebelum dimasukkin ke "wastafel"nya, tapi ga ada selera balik lagi ke Obs, gara-gara bener-bener ga ada kerjaan setelah ward round.

Karena ga ada kerjaan di Inpatient, kita pergi ke Outpatient Gynecology. For your information, Gynecology itu bagian cewe, buat cewe-cewe yang mengalami masalah kewanitaan baik organ dalam (uterus, dll) maupun luar (vagina), datengnya ke bagian ini. Kalo Obstetric itu buat bumil (ibu-ibu hamil) & melahirkan --> bahasa indonya, dokter kandungan. Di outpatient (tempat orang-orang yang dateng ke dokter buat konsultasi & diperiksa, bukan opname) ada beberapa dokter, trus kita masuk di ruangan salah satu dokternya. I didn't expect anything at the first, bener-bener ga kepikiran apa-apa bakal kaya apa outpatient-nya Gynecology itu. Ternyata, ngeliatinnya (maap kalo terlalu vulgar) vagina mulu. Ya iya lah ya, kan yang dateng semuanya orang-orang yang bermasalah ama kewanitaan, that means all about vagina or pregnancy. Lama-lama eneg banget ngeliatin begituan mulu. Dokternya cowo pula, pasti dia udah eneg seeneg-enegnya ngeliatin vagina cewe and udah ga napsu lagi haha..

Yang bikin aku sedih adalah, banyak banget unmarried women yang udah ga virgin lagi. Soalnya cara meriksa orang yang masih virgin ama udah ngga virgin tuh beda, trus bentuk vaginanya juga beda, makanya ketauan. Dan selama aku di ruangan itu, semuanya udah ngga virgin. Termasuk yang masih muda-muda (20-an) yang belum married. Trus, di sebelah ruangan-ruangan dokter itu, ada satu ruangan khusus buat orang aborsi! Jadi, orang-orang yang mau aborsi dibawa ke ruangan itu buat minum obat aborsi. Waktu aku lewat di sana, lagi ada beberapa cewe di dalem ruangan itu. Miris, ya! Aku baru tau kalo ternyata aborsi itu legal di China. It sucks to know the fact and to see such a thing!

Karena ga tahan berlama-lama di sana, akhirnya kita ke emergency (lagi) deh! Haha.. Seru soalnya di emergency, ada kerjaan, nggak nganggur. Kalo nganggur kan bosen dan ngantuk bawaannya. Emergency emang tempat pelarian intern2 yang bosan gara2 ga ada kerjaan di departemennya, hehe.. Trus, I got a chance to make one stitch! So, I did it, for the first time! Karena baru pertama kali, tanganku gemeteran abisss, hehe.. Meskipun udah sering banget ngeliatin orang ngejait pasien, tetep aja pas ngelakuin sendiri beda banget rasanya, pasti nervous banget. Tapi seneng juga akhirnya bisa ngejait hehe..

Besoknya (kemarin), aku ke Obs lagi dari pagi, ikut ward round (cek kondisi tiap pasien, jadi dokternya keliling dari satu kamar ke kamar lain tiap pagi). Bayinya lucu banget!! Tapi pas ngeliat mama-mamanya, kondisinya beda banget 180 derajat. Masih banyak yang kesakitan bekas operasi atau jahitan, mau pipis aja susah banget, hiks. Pas liat bayi-bayi itu, jadi bener-bener pengen punya anak (sekarang juga! haha), tapi pas liat mamanya, jadi seremm >.< Saat itu, aku jadi inget mama & kangen banget ama dia. Perjuangan seorang ibu memang nggak ada duanya. Gitu kalo ada suami yang ga sayang ama istrinya, rasanya pengen ditabok ampe mampus! Hehehe..

Hari itu aku "nyesekk" bangett, soalnya aku harusnya bisa ikut masuk ke ruang operasi liat caesar, tapi gara-gara ga punya name tag murid intern, ga bisa masuk dehh :( Apa daya, mungkin memang belum waktunya. Padahal kesempatan udah di depan mata! Grrr!

Trus hari ini aku ke hospital anak-anak (bergilir terus tiap hari dari satu departemen ke departemen lainnya, rajin banget yak! biasaa, masih baru ke hospital, masih semangat 45, hehe..), bagian pulmonary. Di hospital ini ada dua departemen, pulmonary & gastrointestinal. Tapi hospital ini kepisah ama hospital yang biasanya, ini hospital memang khusus anak. Aku pikir pasiennya anak-anak seumuran SD gitu, ternyata 95% pasien inpatient (opname)nya bayi! Bahkan ada yang kaya bener-bener baru lahir gitu.. Trus, semuanya penyakitnya sama: pneumonia. Cuma beda jenis virus dan tingkat keparahannya aja.
Jadi, belakangan ini seharian schedule-nya full (sok sibuk mode: ON haha), mana ga biasa bangun jam setengah 7 pagi, jadinya tiap siang ngantuk bangetttt, ngantuk parahh, terus sore pasti udah tepar, ampe ketiduran-ketiduran gitu. Parah deh pokoknya, hehe..

Tapi overall, seneng banget cuz bisa dapet pengalaman baru & gain so much knowledge (hopefully :P). Semoga juga dengan gini mentalnya udah well-prepared, jadi ntar pas saatnya internship sendiri udah ga kaget & ada bayangan :)

Masih ga tau deh rencana hari-hari ke depan ini gimana, yang pasti besok istirahat dulu, ga ke hospital, cape banget cuy! Hehe..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

nyusup :p

Hello! Aku kemarin ga sempet nge-post apa-apa, because I was busy all day! Busy apaa?

Jadiii, selama dua hari kemarin (Kamis & Jumat) aku ikutan seniorku internship di rumah sakit. Kok bisa?? Jawabannya: nyusup, dongg! Hahahaha.. Itulah enaknya kuliah di China atau di luar negeri dimana orang-orang ga kenal ama bahasa kita, so they don't know what the hell we're talking about, haha (aku ga tau sih, kalo selain di China bisa nyusup juga ga, mungkin lebih ketat atau gimana gitu? I don't know..). Jadi, kalo nyusup pun, mereka ga tau, secaraa, mereka ga hafal juga ama muka-muka murid-murid internnya (banyak banget dan itu muter terus, giliran, jadi tiap orang cuma stay di satu bagian selama paling lama sebulan, kalo ga salah.) dan kalo si penyusup ini nanya-nanya atau ga ngerti musti ngapain dan sang senior ngajar-ngajarin, kan mereka ga ngerti juga apa yang kita omongin, hihii.. Kalo di Indo mah, pasti udah ketauan dongg..

Aku ngikutin seniorku, Ci Angel, yang lagi di bagian Emergency Surgery. Apaan tuuuhh?? Emergency itu dibagi jadi dua bagian, ada emergency internal and emergency surgery ini. Emergency internal itu biasanya pasien-pasien yang kena serangan jantung, jadi kena serangan mendadak dari organ dalam. Kalo emergency surgery itu bagian orang-orang yang luka-luka gara-gara jatuh, kecelakaan, berantem, dll. Kebayang ga, yang dateng ke emergency surgery ini pasien-pasiennya kaya apa? Horror, bo! Rata-rata semua punya luka sobek yang musti dijahit (itu luka yang paling ringan). Buat yang suka nonton film-film kedokteran kaya ER, Private Practice, etc., believe me, seeing with your own eyes in totally different and more horrible than watching it on TV or movies!

Pas hari pertamaku di hospital hari Kamis itu, ada pasien yang keempat jari tangannya (yang absen cuma jempol) kaya kepotong benda tajam (kaya golok cuy! Aku ga tau dia kena apa, ga sempet nanya ama dokternya), trus jari tengahnya yang paling parah, udah ampir mau putus gitu. Bener-bener kaya mau putus! Udah keliatan tulangnya, trus seakan-akan tinggal ditarik udah putus (I know, it's not that easy, itu cuma buat kalian ngebayangin horrornya jari ituu!). Berdarahnya ga usah ditanya sebanyak apa. Kasian banget, kakek-kakek kurus kering gitu.. Trus harus cepetan dioperasi buat disambungin pembuluh darahnya trus dibenerin tulangnya. Kalo ga buru-buru disambungin pembuluh darahnya, bagian jari yang udah ga dapet supply darah bisa jadi rusak permanen dan harus dipotong beneran jarinya *syerem yahh*. Saat itu, sempet terlintas di pikiranku aku ga akan punya napsu makan untuk beberapa hari deh kayanya. Tapi, sejam kemudian you could find me having my lunch at a curry restaurant near the hospital, hahahahaha..

Memang, aku jadi kepikir, kalo jadi dokter, lama-lama kita udah jadi ga manusiawi lagi. Kenapa? Normally, orang pasti ngeri, bergidik dll kalo ngeliat hal-hal begituan dong - kaya reaksiku waktu itu hehe. Tapi dokternya biasa aja, malah dengan enaknya narik-narik tuh jari buat meriksa tingkat keparahan lukanya (ya iya lah yaa, kalo dokternya aja ngeri, trus siapa yang benerin tuh jari?? Haha). Pas aku tanya Ci Angel, dia bilang dia juga biasa aja. Pertama liat pas perbannya baru dibuka sih kaget, tapi abis gitu ya biasa aja - diusahain untuk biasa aja, lebih tepatnya. Wow! Aku ngeliat mereka ngebersihin luka kecil aja udah gimana gitu. Pas ngeliat mereka ngejahit luka-luka sobek juga gitu, berbagai pikiran melayang-layang di otak: semuanya adalah tentang ketidaktegaan. Mikirin betapa sakitnya si pasien, dll.

Ga usah jauh-jauh deh. As a medical student, aku udah biasa banget liat mayat di lab and do experiments on them. Kita - me & my classmates - bahkan bisa makan di dalem ruang lab, di atas meja yang dalemnya ada mayatnya. Laper cuyy, trus kita ga rela ngabisin waktu buat makan di luar, jadinya kita makan di dalem lab biar abis makan bisa lanjut belajar lagi pake si mayat, hehe.. Itu udah salah satu bukti kekurangmanusiawian kita ga sih? Hehehe..

Jumatnya, aku seharian di hospital - ga seharian juga sih, aku cuma dari siang ampe sore, tapi abis gitu malemnya jam9 an aku balik lagi buat night shift ampe jam 4 an gitu. Banyak banget ngeliatin orang jari dan tangan or kakinya dijahit. Akhirnya, aku udah biasa ngeliat orang dijahit. Perasaan ga tega and bergidik itu udah ilang. Apalagi kalo cuma ngebersihin luka. Hohohoo.. Aku juga liat operasi kecil-kecilan. Jadi, ada orang yang jarinya retak gara-gara jarinya masuk ke sebuah alat. Tapi dia ga perlu operasi gede, jadi langsung dioperasi di treatment room emergency surgery saat itu juga. Serem sih, liat jarinya uda ampir putus, trus dikorek-korek gitu, tapi di sisi lain juga seru abis! Ngeliatin dokternya kerja & merhatiin langkah-langkah treatmentnya.

Tapi, tetep ga tega kalo yang dijahit anak kecil. Selama dua hari ini, at least ada tiga anak kecil yang kepalanya harus dijahit. Ada yang bener-bener kecil, paling juga baru umur dua atau tiga tahun. Kasiiaaaaannnn! Mereka harus dipegangin ama beberapa orang biar ga gerak-gerak (aku ikut megangin juga, hiks). Apalagi karena mereka ga bisa diem layaknya orang yang udah gede, anaesthesinya ga bisa terlalu akurat tempatnya, makanya pasti masih agak berasa sakitnya pas lagi dijahit. Bener-bener ga tega deh pokoknya! Cuma ada satu anak yang udah rada gede (sekitar lima-enam tahun), bener-bener pinter! Ga nangis dan ga banyak gerak pas dijahit! Malah nyokapnya yang nangis, sambil megangin tangan anaknya biar ga gerak, sambil sesekali ngusap air mata pake tissue, hehe.. Tantenya juga nangis. Padahal anaknya keren banget, he's a very strong boy! :)

Ada lagi yang bikin aku miris. Ada anak cowok baru umur tiga tahun, jatuh. Dateng ke emergency digendong mamanya, berdarah-darah gitu. Lukanya di dahi deket mata & lumayan dalem and gede. Definitely harus dijahit, dan karena masih kecil and lukanya di muka, disaranin jahitnya pake benang yang bagusan (plastic surgery) biar ga ngebekas. Kan kasian kalo ampe berbekas luka jahitan gitu di muka. Tapi pastinya lebih mahal. Mahal banget, malahh, 1000RMB katanya. Kalo di-kurs-in, sekitar 1,4 jutaan. Trus mamanya bilang dia ga punya duit segitu banyak. Memang keliatan kalo mereka keluarga kurang mampu. Kasian dehh! Sedih banget pas ngeliat kejadian itu. Akhirnya anaknya ga dijahit-jahit lukanya. Ga tau gimana akhirnya tuh anak, abisnya cuma liat mamanya modar-mandir sambil gendong anaknya dan lukanya cuma dtutup pake kasa lagi.

Anyway, night shift semalem rada mengecewakan. Padahal kita expect bakal rame, kan Jumat malem, waktunya orang clubbing. Katanya, banyak yang dateng ke emergency gara-gara berantem atau kecelakaan (penyebabnya sama, mabok!). Tapi kemaren ga gitu banyak pasiennya. Jahat yaa kita, kaya ngedoain orang luka, hehe.. Bukan itu maksudnya, cuman, kalo banyak pasien kan kita jadi ada kerjaan, ga bosen, hehe..

Setelah dua hari di hospital, aku sempet tanya ama diriku sendiri: bisa ga yah aku jadi dokter???? Abisnya aku kaya ga punya keberanian dan mental seorang dokter. Tapi kata senior-senior aku, itu wajar banget, mereka juga pertamanya gitu, tapi lama-lama pasti udah biasa. Amin deh!

Selama liburan ini aku mau sering-sering "maen" ke hospital pokoknya. Uji mental, hehe.. Latihan mental biar pas masuk hospital beneran, mentalnya udah siap.

Harapanku cuma satu: bisa jadi dokter yang hebat dan baik, bisa nolongin banyak orang. Amin! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Space is Healthy

What is this post about?

This time, I wanna talk about "giving space". Bingung? Hehehe..

What do we do when we fall in love? How do we treat our boyfriend or girlfriend or the persons we love? (Well, this post is not only about boyfriends or girlfriends, but generally the persons we love).

Ketika kita sayang sama seseorang, kita pengen protect dia, kita care banget ke dia. Bukan cuma buat nunjukkin betapa sayangnya kita ke dia, tapi juga karena kita ga mau anything bad happens to him/her.
Tapi, tanpa kita sadari dan kita maksud, our "protection" and "care" can "kill" him/her. Kok bisa?? Kan sayang??! Lagi-lagi atas nama "sayang" atau "cinta". Waktu SMA dulu, temenku pernah bilang gini, "Ketika kamu menggenggam pasir erat-erat di tanganmu supaya mereka ga jatuh, mereka malah rame-rame berjatuhan dan cuma sedikit yang tersisa di tanganmu. Tapi ketika kamu buka sedikit genggamanmu dan ga menggenggam mereka terlalu erat, mereka ga bakal jatuh dan stay there forever". PLAKKK!! Aku serasa ditampar. Dua kalimat simpel tapi punya arti yang dalem banget dan bikin aku sadar. Kalimat itu bener banget!! Ketika kita pengen protect orang yang kita sayang dengan "menggenggam" mereka erat-erat, mereka malah "jatuh". Pergi.

SAYANG dan CARE kita yang berlebihan bisa jadi bumerang buat kita sendiri, lho! Itu malah bisa bikin orang yang kita sayang ga nyaman, berasa kita "lebay" dan ujungnya malah menjauh dari kita. Akhirnya, kita sakit hati. Dikasih hati minta jantung, gitu kita mikirnya. Padahal, emang gitu hukum alamnya.

Ada lagi pepatah bilang, "give us an inch and we'll give you a lifetime". Maksudnya? There is a story I want to share with you. I take it from Gogirl! August 2009 edition :
"I was on a trip to Mexico, standing on a beach, waxing my surfboard and admiring the glistening 10-feet waves, when I decided to marry the woman who is now my wive. Why? Because she'd let me go on vacation alone. Hell, she made me go. This is the most important thing a man never told you. If you let us be dumb guys, if you embrace our stupid poker night, if you encourage us to go surfing (by ourselves), our silly little hearts, with their manly warts and all, will embrace you forever for it. And that's the truth."
- Ty Wegner (author)
Awesome and unbelievable, eh?? Aku emang pengen bikin post tentang Teori Pasir ini, tapi waktu aku baca cerita ini, I was amazed. Ternyata segitunya! Dan makin set me on fire buat bikin post ini, hehehe..

Guys, I'm not saying that we are not allowed to protect and care our beloved ones. Come on, kalo kamu nggak care ama dia, berarti kamu ga sayang ama dia. That's not the point. Poinnya adalah, to give them freedom and space. Everybody needs space and privacy more than we've ever known! Mungkin awalnya dia ga kenapa-kenapa, tapi lama-kelamaan pasti berasa risih dan akhirnya terjadilah apa yang udah aku sebutin di atas. Untuk gampangnya, bayangin dan posisiin dirimu jadi orang yang diperhatiin dan di-protect dengan berlebihan. Punya pacar overprotective ga enak banget, kan?

Apalagi kalo kita ngomongin cowok. They have pride, hobbies, the need of adventures, all those guys things. Kalo kita membatasi apa yang mereka lakuin, dijamin mereka bakal kaburr jauh-jauh dari kita! Ga usah ngomongin pacar deh, kalo temen overprotective ama kita juga bikin kita ga nyaman dan sebel kan? Ini berlaku untuk semua jenis hubungan.

Aku pernah punya temen deket. Dia bilang, dia pernah punya temen dan dia sayang banget ma temennya itu. Tapi akhirnya temennya malah jauhin dia. Alesannya? Bosen. Wow! Waktu dia cerita gitu, aku marah-marah lah! Mana ada temen kaya gitu?! Seumur-umur aku belum pernah ngerasain yang namanya bosen ama temen, apalagi temen deket. But as time went by, aku makin lama makin ngerasa ga nyaman, soalnya dia protective bangett ke aku. Dia sayang sama aku, tapi jadinya bikin aku ngerasa ga bebas. Akibatnya? Aku menjauh dari dia. Now I know how her friend felt or why did she feel the feeling! Mungkin alasan yang dibilang si temen itu (bosen) cuma alibi dari alasan yang sebenernya. Aku yakin, apa yang dia rasain waktu itu sama ama apa yang aku rasain. Aku malah jadi temen yang aku bilang jahat itu. Tapi memang gitu kenyataannya. Makin kita overprotect seseorang, lama-lama dia bakal menjauh dari kita. Believe it or not, cuz I've experienced it myself.

Pernah denger kalimat "distance makes the hearts grow fonder"? It means the same thing, too. Kalo ketemu terus, mana ada kesempatan kangen? Ada juga malah sering ribut, berantem. Tapi kalo udah ngerasain pisah ama orang yang kita sayang, kita jadi punya kesempatan kangen sama dia, atau lebih berasa kalo kita memang butuh dia, lebih menghargai setiap waktu yang bisa kita spend bareng dia. Ini berlaku juga buat siblings. Waktu tinggal bareng dari bayi ampe gede, bawaannya pasti berantem tiap hari, benci-bencian, iri-irian (hehehe). Tapi waktu salah satu atau mungkin tempat kuliah kita beda-beda ama mereka, pasti pernah ngerasain jadi kangen ama mereka! Yang ga mungkin banget terjadi kalo kalian tetep stay in the same place, in the same house, hoho.. (For my dearest sisters, kalo kalian baca post ini, jangan Ge-eR yaaa! Hahahahahahahahah).

Aku punya temen SMA cowok. Dia bilang, mamanya ga pernah marahin dia ampe yang berlebihan. Paling cuma nasehatin aja. Tapi itu justru yang bikin dia ga mau nyakitin hati mamanya dengan doing something yang bisa bikin mamanya sedih ato marah. Lain halnya kalo ama papanya, yang suka ngomelin dan marahin dia. He respects his mother more than his father! Biasanya anak cowok memang gitu, apalagi yang tipe-tipe rebel gitu, kalo suka dimarahin malah menjadi, pengen buktiin jati diri, kali ya. Kalo dilarang malah sengaja ngelakuin. Cape deh!

Jangan takut buat kasih space ke orang yang kita sayang. Kalo dia memang juga sayang sama kita, mereka malah bakal kagum dan respect sama kita. Itu namanya kita percaya sama dia dan dia bakal menghargai dan jaga kepercayaan yang udah kita kasih ke dia. Percaya deh! Ingat TEORI PASIR, hehehe..

Good luck! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Rain Screws Everything Up

Aku uda punya banyak rencana hari ini. Again, only with myself, sebelum sorenya latian Saman lagi rame-rame, haha..

It's been very HOT these days. The temperature was always like around 35-45 degrees! Bisa bayangin ga gimana hitamnya dirikuuuu?? Mana tiap hari naik motor.. Sejak pindah ke dorm lama yang ada di tengah kota (I lived in a suburban dorm before, haha), aku belum pernah naik bus atau taksi lagi, selalu motor, motor dan motor, soalnya temen-temen yang lain juga gitu, trus kemana-mana deket sihh.. Hehe.. I got so tanned!

Hari ini aku pengen ke Auchan beli selang buat mesin cucikuu (soalnya selang aslinya kurang panjang nyampe ke kran airnya),, udah ngebet banget pengen cuci baju, cucian udah naujubilah numpuknyaa, bayangin sejak liburan belum pernah nyuci baju lagi, huwaa.. Trus beli pewangi baju dll, sekalian mau makan siang (belum makan nehh dari pagi), masih mau ke tempat lain juga, banyak deh pokoknya! Belum lagi sore harus ke apartemen senior latian Saman lagi. Ehhhh, tiba-tiba terdengar guntur menggelegar di luar jendela! Damnn, it's raining! Arghhhh! Gugur dan hancur sudah harapankuu (lebay mode: ON haha).

Jadi bingung deh sekarang mau ngapain dan musti ngapain.. Jadi ketunda lagi dehh semua rencana yang udah disusun! I'm that type of person that once I've planned something, I have to stick to the plan as long as it's possible. I hate when the plan changes suddenly. Feels like it changes my whole day and the next days as well. Kaya gini misalnya, ini berarti aku harus mundurin rencana-rencana hari ini ke besok, padahal besok aku udah punya rencana lain, jadi harus mundur ke lusa, padahal lusa harusnya I can do something else, kan? Trus, aku makan apa donggg?? Bisa sihh, paling makan di bawah-bawah sini aja, balik ke 盖浇饭 (baca: gaijiaofan, sejenis makanan di China, kaya nasi siram gitu, tapi yang disiramin bisa macem-macem,, ntar kapan-kapan aku post tentang makanan ini yaa, hehe) tercinta dehh, tinggal turun dorm and pake payung, hehe.. Well, at least ga semenyedihkan dibandingin kalo tinggal di 独墅湖 (my suburban dorm, where if we wanna buy some food we have to ride a bike to get there, ga bisa tinggal turun dorm kaya di dorm yang sekarang ini) lahh..

Sekarang what I should do now is having my lunch! Trus paling ujung-ujungnya ya nonton dehh. Untung ada juniorku, si Mei, jadi ga sendirian hehe.. Belakangan lagi asyik nonton serial How I Met Your Mother. Anybody knows or ever watched the serial? Highly recommended juga nehh! Hilarious and funny yet sooo romantic! Hehehehehe..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy: my super hero

I'm going to describe the members of my family one by one, and the first one is my dad.

My daddy is a hardworker, very smart and dilligent (he loves reading books and his favourites are dictionaries!). He is an engineer. My mom and dad complete each other, because they have completely different fields of expertise. My mom's were biology (she was in medical school as well), literature (anything connected to languages, articles, poems, etc) and art. I am so proud to have smart parents.

The daughters were not so close to dad. Maybe it was because he was at home more rarely than mom, because of course, dad has to go to work. He is very strict and has a very high standard of knowledge. He wants his daughters not only to get good marks on our subjects but the more important thing is to really understand them. If we ask anything we don't understand, he will explain from the very beginning, the very basic thing. For example, I am never a fan of math and physics, and my mom wasn't either. Everytime I had problems with those subjects, my mom would ask me (it happened to all of my sisters, too) to ask dad, because they are his major. But because I don't like those subjects, I admit that I don't really understand them, even the basic things. So, when I had problems and went to daddy to ask him about it, it ALWAYS ended up me crying. Because he would ask me the basic and I couldn't answer it, and he would explain it, and of course, he got mad at me because I didn't even know it. He didn't know that I didn't have much time to listen to him explaining from the very beginning (I was doing my homework, and homeworks always due the next day). That's why me and my sisters refused to ask him if we had problems on our subjects. We thought it would only waste our time and got us long lectures and madness.

My dad never spoiled his children, not like my mom. She spoiled me. That's why dad always said to her not to do so.

But after my mom passed away, everything changed. Quite a lot. Now, we are very close to him. There is no way for us not to be, because now he is the only one we have. And it's also because he changed. He is still the same man who is very strict, especially when it comes to knowledge, of course. But we become more like friends now. I even feel that now he spoils ME a bit more than my sisters! :P

I do feel that, as I grow up, dad gives me more freedom and trusts me more. He never allowed me to hang out with my friends when I was in elementary school (now I know why, haha.. Gosh, elementary school means that we are still very very young! How on earth my parents would've allowed me to go??).

Even until I was in high school, whenever my friends asked me to hang out, I would say that I should ask my dad first. I never made promises at the moment that I would go with them, because I had to wait till I got the permission. And to ask for it, I had to wait until the right time. I had to see whether he was in a good mood or not. I often didn't have the courage to ask, that I finally said to my friends that I couldn't go because my dad didn't allow me to. In fact, I hadn't even asked yet. That's why, eventhough I love dancing, but I can't play DDR, because when my friends used to hang out almost every weekend (or even several times a week), I never be there with them. I missed the "practices", haha..

If I hadn't reached home before 10pm, he would call me. But there was a time when I hadn't reached home and it was already 10 something, but my dad didn't call me. It felt so strange and it was like something was missing. I was already on my way home, though, because I had to wait for my turn to be dropped off by my friends (I can't drive :P).

But after my high school final exams, I did feel the difference. I almost hung out with my friends everyday, especially with Ayu, Lina and Keple (miss you guys!) and my dad never complained. Maybe it was also because he knew them already. He treats me kind of differently now. Like, when I asked for his permission to go to Europe with a friend, he gave it! Unfortunately, my friend's mom didn't. I was so sad and disappointed because it's been our dream to go to Europe especially UK :( (it's okay, MCT, hopefully there would be another chance for us to make our dreamS come true! :) ). I thought it was wonderful, though. I really appreciate the trust he put in me, and it doesn't make me "wild", on the contrary, I want to use it with full of responsibility and show him that he in fact can trust me. Letting me to study abroad is another example that he trusts me.

He is my superhero. He is very strong and a tough person. He goes through all of these alone, without his beloved wive on his side. Raising four daughters is absolutely not an easy thing to do. He has to protect us, educate us well, and afford us. If only he doesn't bring God with him, he won't be able to get through it. He is the best dad we could ever had. Indeed.

Experience is the best teacher. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm sure you must've heard these quotes before. And they are true, because I've experienced it myself. We miss mommy so very much that words could ever explain, but it makes us closer to our own daddy. When God closes a door, he opens another doors.

I know, God hates idolization, but if it's for our own parents, may us? I'm so proud of my dad (well, I know I've said it before, haha) and I want the world to know how lucky I am and how grateful I am to God for giving me such a great daddy! I pray to God everyday to always give him happiness and health, to protect him wherever he goes and give him strength. Amen.

My dad visited me in Suzhou ^^ everybody said I look a lot like him. What you think?

Love you so much, daddy. I'm daddy's little girl :)

me and myself

Beberapa hari ini I'm enjoying some time with myself. Aku latian Saman tiap hari, tapi siang ampe sorenya I've got nothing to do. Yang laen pada ke kelas atau nge-les. Jadi seringnya tiap siang aku autis pergi makan sendirian. Sebenernya aku bisa sih pergi makan ama yang laen atau ngajak siapa kekk buat pergi makan bareng, tapi aku emang ga mau. Sometimes I need to be only with myself, haha.. Nggak2, kata-kata yang tepat adalah: kalo ada saat aku harus enjoy some time with myself, I will enjoy it. I won't feel so much lonely.Asal ga lama-lama, hahahaha.. Dan ga dalam konteks "terkucil" looohh..

Soooo, biasanya aku ke Incity (where else?? haha), abis makan sambil nyambi liat-liat, hoho.. Biasanya cuma bentar doank di sana, bener-bener udah berasa kantin :P trus hari ini abis dari sana aku ke Auchan, ke Hola, belum pernah ke sana jadi penasaran ada apa aja sih di sana.. Sekalian pengen liat-liat perabotan rumah tangga, alah!! Haha..

Di dalem sana banyak perabotan-perabotan mulai dari peralatan makan, mandi, aromaterapi, dll. Peralatan makannya lucu-lucu lho, yang Japanese style! Ada satu set yang lucu banget pengen aku beli, tapi sayang.. Tinggalnya di dorm yang menyedihkan, peralatan makannya keren, kan ga nyambung plus "eman", haha.. Banyak banget barang-barang bagus-bagus, tapi tiap inget keadaan dorm aku yang sekarang ini, pupuslah sudah.. The good side is, jadi ga beli, jadi ga abis duit dehh! Hahahaha.. Trus aku juga liat-liat peralatan masak (hoho). Ada panci set warnanya pink booo!! Bagus banget! Mupeng bangett liatnyaa! Lebih mupeng lagi pas liat ada yang versi Hello Kitty jugaa! Oh my.. Rasanya jiwa house-wife gw udah mulai memanggil-manggil, wkwkwkwkk..

Autis kan? But I enjoy it. I enjoy having fun with my friends, and I enjoy it with myself, too.
Hmm, what's next I'm going to do with myself? We'll see :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fourth Kind

Have you ever heard about this movie? Yeah, it's a title of a movie. It's about alien abduction and it's based on true story. Weww!

In this movie, you won't see the aliens or anything. You'll only see an owl, but you'll hear some true recordings. That's what makes this movie horror. I suggest you not to watch it alone, at night, with all the lights off. Well, if you are a very brave person, that'll be okay. But not for me. My senior (Phanie) recommended this film to me, but she said she couldn't fall asleep after watching it, so I asked for companions yesterday, hahahaha.. I watched it after church in her apartment with Raymond and his sister (Jessica), too.

There was a funny accident when we were watching it. Raymond and Jessica bought a watermelon, so those three people was eating the watermelon while watching the movie (I wasn't because I was very full already, we just had lunch at Yang-yang restaurant :) ). At the moment, Jessica's hand was on my lap, holding a bowl full of watermelons. Then there was something that really shocked me, that I almost jumped from my seat, and the bowl fell down. Everybody laughed hard, including me. Well, I never knew that my reaction could have caused such a thing, hahahaha.. But I WAS so surprise and shockkkk!!

After the movie ended, I wasn't brave to even go to the bathroom to pee. So, everybody made a fun of me, made me even more afraid and didn't have the courage to drive myself home (my lovely dorm). I feel that it's still haunting me, even until now. But I could go to the bathroom and took shower after I reached my dorm, hehe..

After all, it's a good movie. Just don't be bored and watch it till the end, okay! If you are brave enough, it would be better if you watch it at night and have all the lights off, but if you are not (if you are a coward like ME, haha), then watch it with some friends, but still, have the lights off! And concentrate on the movie while watching it. At the end, what to believe is your choice. Like me, Raymond and Phanie, we believe that the aliens and UFO thingy actually exist, but Jessica doesn't believe about these things. She believes in the existence of Indonesian ghosts more :D How about you?

Another good movie we watched last night was "The Perfect Getaway". Highly recommended!

Happy watching! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, roomie!

Hey people! Don’t cha know that today is one of The Epileptics’ member’s birthday?!

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my beloved roommate KLARA DEWITA STANZIAAAA!! (Yesss, akhirnya dirimu menyusul jugaa! Welcome to the club babe! ;) )

Wish you all the best yaa G, moga-moga tambah dewasa, tambah baee, ga tambah sensitipp (hihi), moga-moga kita bisa jadi roommate yang bae yaa sayaaangg!!

Cepet dapet cowoo, amiin! ;)

Be a better daughter and a better person day by dayy.

Wish you happiness and healthy. Be a good doctor in the future :)

Love you, Bitch! Ku di sini menunggu traktiranmuu hihihihii..

Have a great birthday with your fam at home, darlaa..

Miss you and GBU!