Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy: my super hero

I'm going to describe the members of my family one by one, and the first one is my dad.

My daddy is a hardworker, very smart and dilligent (he loves reading books and his favourites are dictionaries!). He is an engineer. My mom and dad complete each other, because they have completely different fields of expertise. My mom's were biology (she was in medical school as well), literature (anything connected to languages, articles, poems, etc) and art. I am so proud to have smart parents.

The daughters were not so close to dad. Maybe it was because he was at home more rarely than mom, because of course, dad has to go to work. He is very strict and has a very high standard of knowledge. He wants his daughters not only to get good marks on our subjects but the more important thing is to really understand them. If we ask anything we don't understand, he will explain from the very beginning, the very basic thing. For example, I am never a fan of math and physics, and my mom wasn't either. Everytime I had problems with those subjects, my mom would ask me (it happened to all of my sisters, too) to ask dad, because they are his major. But because I don't like those subjects, I admit that I don't really understand them, even the basic things. So, when I had problems and went to daddy to ask him about it, it ALWAYS ended up me crying. Because he would ask me the basic and I couldn't answer it, and he would explain it, and of course, he got mad at me because I didn't even know it. He didn't know that I didn't have much time to listen to him explaining from the very beginning (I was doing my homework, and homeworks always due the next day). That's why me and my sisters refused to ask him if we had problems on our subjects. We thought it would only waste our time and got us long lectures and madness.

My dad never spoiled his children, not like my mom. She spoiled me. That's why dad always said to her not to do so.

But after my mom passed away, everything changed. Quite a lot. Now, we are very close to him. There is no way for us not to be, because now he is the only one we have. And it's also because he changed. He is still the same man who is very strict, especially when it comes to knowledge, of course. But we become more like friends now. I even feel that now he spoils ME a bit more than my sisters! :P

I do feel that, as I grow up, dad gives me more freedom and trusts me more. He never allowed me to hang out with my friends when I was in elementary school (now I know why, haha.. Gosh, elementary school means that we are still very very young! How on earth my parents would've allowed me to go??).

Even until I was in high school, whenever my friends asked me to hang out, I would say that I should ask my dad first. I never made promises at the moment that I would go with them, because I had to wait till I got the permission. And to ask for it, I had to wait until the right time. I had to see whether he was in a good mood or not. I often didn't have the courage to ask, that I finally said to my friends that I couldn't go because my dad didn't allow me to. In fact, I hadn't even asked yet. That's why, eventhough I love dancing, but I can't play DDR, because when my friends used to hang out almost every weekend (or even several times a week), I never be there with them. I missed the "practices", haha..

If I hadn't reached home before 10pm, he would call me. But there was a time when I hadn't reached home and it was already 10 something, but my dad didn't call me. It felt so strange and it was like something was missing. I was already on my way home, though, because I had to wait for my turn to be dropped off by my friends (I can't drive :P).

But after my high school final exams, I did feel the difference. I almost hung out with my friends everyday, especially with Ayu, Lina and Keple (miss you guys!) and my dad never complained. Maybe it was also because he knew them already. He treats me kind of differently now. Like, when I asked for his permission to go to Europe with a friend, he gave it! Unfortunately, my friend's mom didn't. I was so sad and disappointed because it's been our dream to go to Europe especially UK :( (it's okay, MCT, hopefully there would be another chance for us to make our dreamS come true! :) ). I thought it was wonderful, though. I really appreciate the trust he put in me, and it doesn't make me "wild", on the contrary, I want to use it with full of responsibility and show him that he in fact can trust me. Letting me to study abroad is another example that he trusts me.

He is my superhero. He is very strong and a tough person. He goes through all of these alone, without his beloved wive on his side. Raising four daughters is absolutely not an easy thing to do. He has to protect us, educate us well, and afford us. If only he doesn't bring God with him, he won't be able to get through it. He is the best dad we could ever had. Indeed.

Experience is the best teacher. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm sure you must've heard these quotes before. And they are true, because I've experienced it myself. We miss mommy so very much that words could ever explain, but it makes us closer to our own daddy. When God closes a door, he opens another doors.

I know, God hates idolization, but if it's for our own parents, may us? I'm so proud of my dad (well, I know I've said it before, haha) and I want the world to know how lucky I am and how grateful I am to God for giving me such a great daddy! I pray to God everyday to always give him happiness and health, to protect him wherever he goes and give him strength. Amen.

My dad visited me in Suzhou ^^ everybody said I look a lot like him. What you think?

Love you so much, daddy. I'm daddy's little girl :)

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