Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Epidemy

Lately, there is an epidemy in Suzhou. Chicken pox. Several weeks ago - last month - one of my senior (Ci Phanie) got chicken pox. How did she get it? She went to swim in public swimming pool near her apartment for about 5 hours! (No wonder you got it, sis! lol). Unluckily, the virus she got seemed to be very strong. My other senior (Ci Iin) met her once and then she got it too! On the other day, another senior (Ci Frida) met her, and she thought she was safe because she's got chicken pox before. But after reaching apartment, she found red rashes on her skin that later was found out to be Pityriasis rosea - kind of secondary infection of chicken pox viruses. Scary, huh?

Since we had practice everyday, almost all of us are not in good conditions. We're tired, unfit, especially those who have to go to the hospital or summer course. That's why, yesterday right after we got back from the practice, there was a shocking news: one of my friends - Thata - got chicken pox! And we're going to Shanghai todayy!! She was in the Saman group and she won't be able to go - for sure. It's infectious and she also needs to take some rest for about two weeks. It really is a very shocking and sad news for us to lose one of the dancers after so many times of practices. Shit happens!

I asked my dad if I've had chicken pox before, and my sister said I haven't. Only my eldest sister has. Those who have ever got it can still get it again, so this epidemy is even more scary for people like me who never got it - yet.

I planned to go swimming during this summer break but after knowing that my senior got chicken pox after swimming - my other senior (Ronald) got skin disease also after swimming! - I then thought twice to do so. Ronald went to school's gym swimming pool which maybe not very clean or strict about people who swim there, maybe that's why he got the disease - and I definitely will never go to that swimming pool. I have to find a good swimming pool and here, in China, swimming costs a lot. The cheapest one is like around 25RMB and it's far away. Even my dad asked me not to swim for a while after I told him about this condition. It really is very scary!

Now I just hope I'm still having strong enough immunity although I'm very busy and tired these days, so that I won't get infected, too. Man, I hate this place! >.<

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