Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fourth Kind

Have you ever heard about this movie? Yeah, it's a title of a movie. It's about alien abduction and it's based on true story. Weww!

In this movie, you won't see the aliens or anything. You'll only see an owl, but you'll hear some true recordings. That's what makes this movie horror. I suggest you not to watch it alone, at night, with all the lights off. Well, if you are a very brave person, that'll be okay. But not for me. My senior (Phanie) recommended this film to me, but she said she couldn't fall asleep after watching it, so I asked for companions yesterday, hahahaha.. I watched it after church in her apartment with Raymond and his sister (Jessica), too.

There was a funny accident when we were watching it. Raymond and Jessica bought a watermelon, so those three people was eating the watermelon while watching the movie (I wasn't because I was very full already, we just had lunch at Yang-yang restaurant :) ). At the moment, Jessica's hand was on my lap, holding a bowl full of watermelons. Then there was something that really shocked me, that I almost jumped from my seat, and the bowl fell down. Everybody laughed hard, including me. Well, I never knew that my reaction could have caused such a thing, hahahaha.. But I WAS so surprise and shockkkk!!

After the movie ended, I wasn't brave to even go to the bathroom to pee. So, everybody made a fun of me, made me even more afraid and didn't have the courage to drive myself home (my lovely dorm). I feel that it's still haunting me, even until now. But I could go to the bathroom and took shower after I reached my dorm, hehe..

After all, it's a good movie. Just don't be bored and watch it till the end, okay! If you are brave enough, it would be better if you watch it at night and have all the lights off, but if you are not (if you are a coward like ME, haha), then watch it with some friends, but still, have the lights off! And concentrate on the movie while watching it. At the end, what to believe is your choice. Like me, Raymond and Phanie, we believe that the aliens and UFO thingy actually exist, but Jessica doesn't believe about these things. She believes in the existence of Indonesian ghosts more :D How about you?

Another good movie we watched last night was "The Perfect Getaway". Highly recommended!

Happy watching! :)

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