Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sasa

Yesterday (August 15) was one of my friends' birthday: Sasa! It was the first birthday in China for her, because it's always in the middle of the summer break and she was always in Indonesia, but this year, as we're staying here, so we could celebrate it together.

The tradition is, we always give surprise on our classmates' birthday. So, we also prepared a surprise for her. As it was her first birthday in China, we wanted to make it very special and unforgettable for her. It was very hard, though, we had to prepare suprises that she wouldn't notice or be able to guess before the time, because she has been involved in so many other surprises for our classmates so it must'd been easy for her to guess cliche or ordinary surprises.

At 12am, we went to her room and gave her a small cake. Then we spent about two hours in her room, snacking and drinking wine, hohoho.. One of her friends came to China and brought a bottle of ice wine, which tasted sooo good!

her cake.

Sasa with the birthday presents. Don't you agree she doesn't look 21? Haha..

Sasa ♥ Spongebob!

Then, last night she invited us for buffet dinner at Casazoe Texmex, a Mexican restaurant. The food there always tastes good, and it'd been so long that I hadn't had dinner there. I ate till I couldn't put anything more inside my mouth and stomachh!

Me with birthday girl and Vthaa.

We gave her another surprise that night. We've planned and arranged some games, with punishment and prizes, of course. We played "Words Guessing" (or you can simply call it "Tebak Kata" in Indonesian, hehe). Each group consisted of 4 players, with one of them had to describe the four words given to them without saying anything (by movement). And the other players had to guess the words. Then, after those 4 words were guessed, they had to make a sentence from those words. My group was the fastest! So we won chocolates, yayy! :P Another game was "Glass Passing". We had to pass glasses full of water or coke (estafet) while singing happy birthday. Sasa's eyes were closed, and when she opened her eyes, the persons who had the glasses got the punishment. I had to drink two glasses of mango-juice-mixed-with-coke-and-lemonade-and-water-and I didn't know what else. Hmphh!! The punishment wasn't only drinking whatever in the glass, but also Sasa would do "body painting" on your body (anywhere but face). But at the end, everybody got the body painting, hahahaha.. So we went home with bodies full of "painting". It was so much fun! :D

See what she wrote on me?? OMG this ain't good! But everybody got it, so, it was okay! Haha..

We took pictures with everybody but unluckily I still don't have it :( Hopefully I'll get & upload them soon hehe..
Happy Birthday, Clarissa!
smooches! ♥
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Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own

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