Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shanghai! Day 1

Holaa! Back to Suzhou agaain! :)

Did everybody have a nice weekend? I just got back from 'work' in Shanghai, haha.. As you've known, I got kind-of-important job there. I'll tell you about everything happened in Shanghai, but it will be a serial, hihii.. Not only to make you curious (hopefully), but also to wait for the complete picts from my friends.

Here is " SHANGHAI DAY 1".

(This post was written on August 19, 2010)
This afternoon we went to Shanghai. Our train was at 4:30pm, so at 5pm we already arrived there. We went to Shanghai for the Indonesian Independence Day celebration to perform our Saman Dance. The crew is: me, Adhimas, Angelina, Phanie, Dinda, Karin, Ipoenk, Valen, Ega, Frida, Marshall, Sasa, Vietha and Fenny. Too bad Thata couldn't come with us because of the chicken pox :(

After arriving there we had to wait for the other Indonesians from Nanjing for two hours. Then, we went to have dinner at Made In Indonesia, one of Indonesian restaurants in Shanghai. Shanghai has several Indonesian restaurants, and on the contrary, Suzhou doesn't even have one. So sadd.. After eating, we finally came to the service apartment (Carlany Hotel). I'm in one room with Sasa, Vietha, Fenny and Ci Frida. The room is so nice: two HUGE bed for two people that's actually enough for three people, one extra bed, bathroom (definitely), stove, fridge, microwave, hairdryer. Convenient, eh? ;)
However, it didn't mean that we could enjoy our room or go out or even take a rest, because we still had to do the fitting of the costumes and briefing about the Kecak dance we have to learn tomorrow (Nanjing will perform Kecak Dance, a famous sacred traditional dance from Bali, but they need our help because they don't have enough people and this dance needs so many people. That's why tomorrow we have to learn it & perform it as well the day after tomorrow. It sounds easy, but we'll see. Hopefully it will be so.

Although we were so tired and sleepy, but after reaching our room, we didn't go to sleep directly. We played cards, instead (hohohoo). The ones who lost the games would be given a punishment: dancing Saman! Hahaha.. It ended up with Ci Frida, Sasa and Vietha dancing Saman on the bed (Fenny didn't play cards - cheating!). Trust me, it was so funny! We have the recording but I'm not gonna publish it here, what a shame! :D

Now I have to go to bed. Still long way to go, but the good news is, the practice will start at 2pm so we still have time to go for lunch and don't have to wake up very early. We plan to have lunch at Hooters, have you heard about the restaurant? ;)

To be continued....

Stay tuned! ;)

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