Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm very sure everybody often has dreams in their sleep. Some people always dream everytime they sleep, but the others have it occasionally. I'm the one who doesn't always dream, just occasionally, maybe when I'm tired or feeling cold, or I was thinking about something before sleeping - with or without consciousness. My dad has a different story. He always has bad dreams - fighting - everytime he's feeling cold. So, if I see him fighting in his sleep, I know that he must be feeling cold, haha..

We also may experience dreaming of somebody we've never met. But what I experienced was, the people in my dreams were the ones I never know AT ALL - I didn't even know their existence, just some random people aside of the people I know.

What I want to share here is my strange experience of dreaming somebody I know but she doesn't know me. Got confused, eh? Let me explain. So, I know her from my friend, but she doesn't. For some personal reason that can't be mentioned here, I'm very jealous of her, eventhough I never meet her.

That night, when I was on the top of Huangshan (黄山 or Yellow Mountain), having a trip with some of my friends, I was feeling hot under my blanket, so I threw it. In the middle of the night, I had the dream. I dreamt about her coming to China for vacation and ruined my life here. I considered it as a bad dream, because I was really unhappy for her coming. Suddenly I was awake for awhile and realized that I was feeling a bit cold, maybe that's why I had such a dream. I was so surprised and felt so weird, though, because I never meet that girl. I only saw her photos - she has never been real in my life, if you know what I mean. It was all because of my jealousy. I was a bit amazed of how she could drive me crazy without even meeting her. And I want to get away from all of this jealousy thing, but I don't know - I'll never know - when will I be able to do so. I'm really tired and sick.........

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