Thursday, September 9, 2010


September 9. It had always been my dear cousin's birthday. Cc Anny, that's how I called her. She was my eldest cousin, my bestfriend and my Godmother. She always treated me as her own daughter. We had such a strong connection since my childhood. Since I couldn't even walk on my own feet yet. But she's not here anymore. She has rested in peace. She's happy with God now, with my mom, as well :)

However, I'll always remember and celebrate September 9 as her birthday. Forever. For her love was so big to me. For her prayers that always be with me. For all of her courage, advice and memories that I'll never forget. 'Coz she's been the part of my life, one of those special people in my life who's been loving me since I was just born. And I really appreciate and grateful to have them as my closest people. My beloved ones.

On this day, I also missed my mom so muchhh, as well. I became so melancolic and sensitive today :)
Happy Birthday, Cc Anny.. You'll always be in my heart. 'Till the end of time.
God is with you.
Bunch of love.


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