Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new month new semester new pressure NEW SPIRIT! ^^

Hi thereee!! It's been dayss since my last post. These days I didn't go online at all, since one of my flatmate - Melle - came back here on August 27. I was happy to have her back after the long break, and we were all busy going here and there, haha.. We visited my classmate - Michael -'s apartment and watched video together there.

Last night, the rest of the Indonesians finally came back, too. They arrived at 2am. We were so excited to see each other again,, we've been missing each other a lott. We usually spend times together almost 24hours a day, so holidays always make us miss each other - didn't chaa? Haha.. We gave each other hugs and they shared food they brought from Indonesia. Indonesian food!! Missed them a lot! Hahahaha.. I had nastar, brownies, banana chocolate, richeese, etc. Yummm!! :P

Heyy, and now it's September alreadyy! Time surely flies, huh?  That means holiday is gone and new semester has already started. Yesterday was the first day of the new semester. I had diagnostics class, and this afternoon I'll have imaging diagnostics. As usual, first classes always all about introductions. I have to prepare for the tense and pressure of this semester!! >.< Wish me luck!

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