Friday, September 10, 2010

One step closer to becoming a doctor ;)

It's amazing how I didn't have time to update my blogs recently because of my business - studying. Haha.. This semester we have seven subjects that we have to take notes or at least read the powerpoints everyday, otherwise we won't be able to catch them up. So far, there are still six notes waiting for me to be re-written. Huff..

But now, as I have a leisure time before sleeping - I took around half an hour nap and that's enough to make me stay awake till now - I want to share my first Diagnostics lab class experience.

We had Diagnotics lab last Wednesday. It was really fun and exciting, especially because we were divided into small  groups, which consists of six people each. So, it was pretty "private" class, and facilitated us to ask more and gain more, and getting more attention from the doctors, as well. I'm in one group with another five friends - Melle, Raymond, Miche, Micchu and Vivi. Because it was a practical class, we had to have one of us as the model. Because the model always has to be male, and because Micchu is the skinniest among us, there was no doubt that he was honored to be chosen to be the model :D We were with a Cardiologist, so we learned about the examination of the heart. We learned how to do the inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation. Totally something new for us and it was a real fun.

Palpation - is used for checking any tenderness that can be related to certain diseases.

Percussion. Here, it uses the same principle of percussion in music. This is one of the first steps we have to do to examine the patients and make the diagnosis. Different sound means different areas or organs underneath the skin. Percussion is useful for knowing the location and size of any organs, to find out whether they are normal or not, due to particular diseases.

Auscultation, using a stethoscope. It was our first time to use stethoscope and we felt "cool" - 'cuz it felt like we were becoming real doctors :P

We enjoyed the class so much that we ended the class very late, and ended up me having stomachache because of taking lunch late :( It's okay, because we learned something new and gained so much knowledge that will definitely be useful for our future career as a doctor.

Looking forward for the next lab classes! :)

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