Thursday, October 14, 2010

Me against the world

Hi there! It's been quite a while, huh? I can hardly have time to go online these days, because I've been so very busy - I don't blame you if you're bored with my statement of me being very busy..

Anyway, have you ever feel that the world is opposing you?

As I've mentioned before in my older posts that we're holding our first big event, Indonesian Festival, this month, and time flies, indeed. It w0n't be more than 9 days to go!! So, the pressure is definitely on, and it's been so emotional for most of us. My mood has been unstable these days, I argued with some people, and felt bad to some other people. Everybody must be hating me right now because I've been so annoying lately. It feels like the world is against me. Well, maybe it's just going on in my mind. I don't know what people are thinking about me right now. Maybe I'm just stressed out because without I realize, I'm so nervous and worried about the event. And that's not the only thing we have to think about. I had to arrange a buffet dinner for my batch's 3rd anniversary (10.10.10) and some friends' birthday surprises. As I haven't had enough, there are also some private matters that also drive me crazy. Plus, my classes. And I got my period, and got sick that I lost my voice and made me feel so powerless. Spiritless. Etc. Etc.

Well, I'm just hoping that everything's gonna be just fine and we can hold a great event. I'm hoping that everything will go smoothly. Please, after so much hard works of us, I want a happy ending for us. Then, I could get my mood and emotion back to the normal level. Make peace on earth. Amen.

Lord, hear our prayers..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indonesian Festival 2010

SISC (Suzhou Indonesian Student Community) proudly presents:

To The World We Share

22 October 2010
2S Liverpool University 西交利物浦大学
111 Ren Ai Road, Dushu Lake Higher Education Town,
Suzhou Industrial Park
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Indonesian culture and merchandise exhibition will start at 5m, and the performances will start at 6pm.
There will be Indonesian dances, fashion show, music performances, etc.

FREE ENTRANCE, but the seats are limited. RSVP is required. So, don't miss it and book your seats soon!

Presented by :

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friendship - dedicated to 07 Batch :)

Things never always go smoothly
Conflicts and arguments are there
Because we consist of different individuals with different characteristics
But those are what make us here
That's how life should be
"Unity in Diversity"

It's our destiny to meet each other here
God has made it so beautifully
Memories, good or bad
Everything we've been through together
Remember how we struggled
Supporting each other as one body
I'm so grateful to be in this wonderful batch

Thank you for showing care and love to each other
Thank you for sharing
And this I pray to God
To keep our hearts united and never be apart
'Till the end of time

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Indonesian 07 Batch!
me heart 07 batch!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another "Jadoel" Poem =D

Beberapa hari yang lalu, pas lagi "bongkar2" isi hape, aku nemuin sebuah puisi. *Berasa seluruh harta bendaku adalah gudang puisi yakk, pas bongkar2, liat2, sering beneeerr nemuin puisi, bahkan di HP pun ada puisi yang terlupakan, hahahaha* Yupp, jujur aku lupa aku pernah nulis & nge-save puisi ini di HPku, hehe.. Pas baca, baru inget dehh..

There is another story about this poem. I wrote it for my ex, tapi bukan yang bikin aku sakit hati, malah sebaliknya. I hurt him. Lebih tepatnya, ini orang sebelum mantanku yg terakhir. Orang ini ampe sekarang - 3.5 years after we broke up - masiii aja, kalo ngomong suka nyerempet2, ngajakin ketemuan lah, balikan lah, dll. Padahal dia sekarang uda punya cewe, lho. Bikin aku jadi selalu berusaha menghindari dia ato males contact ma dia lagi, padahal aku pengennya ga gitu >.< Pengen temenan biasa, tapi tiap kali ditanggepin dianya selalu kayak gitu, jadi males, kan.. Takut kasi harapan.

Nahh, the day when I wrote this poem was the day after I had a quick chat with him on MSN.


Hanya satu kata terucap

Atas segala yang tlah terjadi di masa lalu
Ku tahu segalanya berubah begitu cepat
Begitu tiba-tiba
Tapi apa daya
Ku tak mampu lagi
Membohongi dirimu dan diriku sendiri
Membohongi perasaan ini
Yang tlah hilang tak bersisa

Hanya satu kata terucap
Atas rasa sakit yang tertinggal
Atas luka yang membekas mungkin 'tuk slamanya
Kini luka itu pun ada di hatiku
Kurasa apa yang kau rasa
Luka yang sama
Luka karena mencintai seseorang yang tak baik 'tuk dicintai
Tapi apa daya
Hati tidak pernah memilih, hati dipilih
Hanya satu kata terucap