Monday, November 15, 2010

"The" concert! ♥Leehom♥

I just got back from a concert!! A real concert! For the first time in my life, I went to a concert, hahhaha..
It was all because we could get the ticket freely from China mobile - the tickets actually cost from 180RMB to 1080RMB. We were very excited to go to the concert because it was starring Leehom! Do you know Leehom??


Oh yes, that is Leehom (王力宏). He's an American-born singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and film director of Chinese descent based in Taiwan.

And also Alan Luo (罗志祥) :

There were more celebs, such as Karen Mok, Soda Green, and two other singers - one was from Singapore and the other one was Chinese.

Actually, there were none of them that I really really like. I just know that Karen Mok is a very famous actress, and of course I know Alan Luo and the handsome Leehom. Leehom was the only motivation of us going :D

Soda Green opened the concert very well. I think I'm starting to like them, because their songs are okay & the vocalist's voice is good. The second performance was Alan Luo. He was so handsomee, more handsome than we usually see on TV or films! He dances well, too.

I didn't like Karen Mok's performance and the other performances were so so, as well. The last performance - the best one! - that people had been waiting for since the very first performance was Leehom, for sure!! I'm not his big fan, but I do like him, because he's handsome, sweet, has good voice and musicality, plays piano beautifully, etc etc, haha.. Eventhough I'm not his big fan, I was going crazy during his performances! Me and my flatmate - Melisa - went crazy, shouting his name, singing his songs, till I lost my voice. He was so handsome, he's just amazing and awesome no matter what he did, LOL :p

It felt good, though, going to a concert. It was the first time for all of us - me, Melisa, Marfen, and Fani. Some of Melisa's friends from her church were also coming with us - they are Leehom's big fans. They're Malaysian & American! I thought Americans never know & will never like Chinese stars or songs. Well, Leehom is not Chinese, anyway, so maybe we can take him as exception :D

The concert was so under control - nobody got hurt, nobody broke the rules such as climbing the gates, etc. However, when we tried to get in into the bus that would take us back to dormitory, that was when everything was out of control. Waaaaayyyy too many people wanted to get into the bus because it was 10:30 pm already, that people pushed each other. I was pushed so hardly, my back hurt, I could hardly breath. But still, luckily I could get into the bus & reach dorm safely. Pheww! What a "wild" experience!

It was a totally crazy experience, yet nice one :) More and more things I've done in China that I've never done in Indonesia before and probably I would never do back home. Now I'm having fever: Leehom Fever!!! Hahahahahahaha..

Leehom ohh Leehom! ♥

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