Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Day in 2010: 2010, what a special year!

Without us realizing, it's the end of 2010 already! Time flies, indeed!

Soooo.. How has 2010 been for you? I'm sure SO MANY things happened during this year. Good, or bad. But together they form a beautiful memory as a part of our life, that makes us happy or sad, laugh or cry, but what's present at the end is only "SMILE" :)

For me, 2010 has been a very special year.

1. I turned 21 on January 21, so it was a double 21, hahaha..

2. I celebrated my birthday together with The Weymiers (my friends from the church) at their house, because, accidentally, my birthday and Jean Weymier's are close! (19th and 21st of January). We had so much fun and she baked a birthday cake for us - reminding me of my mommy..

3. I spent precious time with my uncle during my winter holiday back home. Because it was the last period of time I could spend with him.. I got my first stethoscope, too, from him!

4. Stressful and busy preparation of SISC Indonesian Festival 2010 - with the small events such as Sports Day and Culinary Day. But I gained so much from those experiences!

5. The born of this blog! May 2010 =)

6. A new nephew was born (Xavier Audric Gao, son of my cousin, Marta Zeng and Ruben Gao) on June 5th, 2010.

So cute and adorable, eh? ;)

7. Coming back to the old dorm of Houzhuang, haha.. Back to the real life of students living in poor Chinese dormitories :(

8. For the first time, I performed for the celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day in Shanghai - The Saman Dance and Kecak Dance.

9. I got my first clinical experiences in the hospital - seeing "horrible" things in the Emergency Department for the first time, stitching my first one stitch, haha.. Etc, etc..

10. First experience as the Master of Ceremony of SISC Welcoming Party 2010.

11. SISC's first birthday! October 24th, 2010

12. The 3rd anniversary of Class of 2007! 10.10.10 at Portland Cafe (sadly, it's closed now!).

13. And finally: SISC Indonesian Festival 2010 on October 22nd, 2010!!! A payment of all of our hardwork and sacrifices! We did a great job! I've worked with the most cooperative and helpful crew I could ever had..

14. 2010 is a performance year:
- Indonesia's Independence Day in Shanghai - Saman and Kecak Dance
- SISC Welcoming Party 2010 - Jai Ho
- SISC Indonesian Festival 2010
- Pioneer Wood
- Suzhou University Children Hospital - Lenggang Puspita

15. The breaking of my heart – Having to face the world when I didn’t want to and I didn’t know how to. Having to live my life when I couldn’t even put a smile on my face nor the lights in my eyes.

16. The loss of my uncle - November 27th, 2010.

17. December: a joyful month! The stronger me was back into life again! ^_^ Regardless to the exam thingy, hahaha.. Got a good news from my sister, too ^^

18. Christmas Eve Dinner Celebration of Class of 2007 at Secret Recipe Timesquare.

Although we did the same thing we've been doing for three years - Secret Santa - but this year, the Christmas Eve Dinner was different with the presence of our friends, Ankit, Bobby, and Sumudu. I was really feeling the joy of Christmas! No matter what the gifts are, the most precious gift for me was having everybody surrounded me, celebrating Christmas together and sharing the joy as one family! Well, I do put down them as my own family here. My brothers and sisters. Trust me. That's what made that BIG smile on my face :D

19. SISC New Year’s Eve Dinner Celebration at Water Paradise Incity : the last program of SISC arranged under the Leadership of Evan Surya Kusuma and me.
So many things, eh? And there are actually even more, because I can’t remember all of them..
There were good things, and so many darkest hours, as well. After all, I am grateful of what’s happened. I can be the person I am now, all is because God has taught me the lessons of life. No matter how hard it is, I know I would be able to get through it because God is always with me. Moreover, I have my Personal Guardian Angel: my mom!

The question is, are we ready to welcome the coming new year? Yes or not, we have to be ready, because it’s unstoppable! Haha..

How about your 2010?

Don’t cry because it ends. Smile because it happened.
What doesn’t  kill you, strengthens you.
No pain, no gain!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my new hobby(ies) and interest(s)

I'm interested in so manyyy things these days. Wanna know the list? Hehehe..

1. Photography!
Actually, this is not a new interest of mine. I loveee photography from so longg, but I kinda have problem: I love to capture things but I also love to be captured! Aahahhaha.. Photographers won't be in the pictures but I love being in the pictures. Could you please help me solve this problem? Wkwkwk.. I'm planning to buy a camera, but I'm still searching for the best one for me. Not the best camera, but the best FOR ME. I don't know whether I'll buy a compact or DSLR camera.. I didn't plan to buy a DSLR, because as so more and more people are getting interested in photography that more and more people buy DSLR, I don't want people to judge me as a "copycat" or just following the trend. I love photography from the heart, guys! But as time goes by, and after trying a friend's DSLR camera, now I want to buy DSLR sooo baddd! Goshh! Do you have any suggestions? I don't need the newest or the best one, though.. As long as it is Canon, hehe.. What do you think?

2. Fashion
Well, I love shopping but never been as interested in fashion as I am now! I love to check Lookbook  or playing Looklet - I just don't have much time and the internet connection is wayy too slow to save my looks on Looklet :(

3. Scrapbooking
Yes! I want to make scrapbooks because scrapbooks are meaningful gifts we can give to our family or friends. Designing my blog backgrounds is my new interest, too.

4. Photoshop
This one is related to point number 1 and 3. I need to learn how to edit photos and design my scrapbooks or backgrounds using photoshop. I know the basics, but I still need to learn A LOT.
I guess I'll be busy during my coming winter holiday, haha..

Arghhh! So many things, ehh? I also want to wave my hair, join the gym, buy a new e-bike that can go faster, etc, etc. Hufft. But the main things are those four things listed above. These are the things that distract me from studying and make me hard to concentrate on my books hahahaa *alibii*..
*HELP!!* >.<

Resolution Time!

Hey hey heyy! Without us realizing, it's the last week of 2010 alreadyy! How do you feel about that? Any plans to enjoy this last week of the year?

Well, I never done anything special to end my past years, but this year, I want to do some self-introspections and make my New-Year's-Resolution list. I want to look back to what I've done, what kind of person I've been, and learn from experiences happened to my life. We don't wanna be the same person if we know that we can be someone better, do we? I'm sure that we don't want to keep anything bad from ourselves. We have to change. And that's the most difficult part: to change. However, don't expect people to change - it's US who have to make changes.

I haven't finished my list yet - I guess I'll have a long one, since I never had any before and I'm realizing too many things from me to be changed, haha.. I really want to be a better person, for myself and for people surround me.. And perhaps I'll list the targets I WANT to achieve - not I HAVE TO achieve. I'm always afraid to make any targets. I'm afraid that if I can't reach my goals than I'll be under so much pressure or even feeling down and afraid to try again and again. So, I won't force myself, but I know I have to start having goals in my life, to develop myself.

Umm.. Guess I really am being more and more mature in my ways of thinking. Do you think so? Hehe.. Especially, January has always been a very special month for me. It doesn't only mean the beginning of the year, but also me getting older. It's the best time to start everything all over again, from the very beginning. Hopefully, I'm getting more mature instead of older, haha..

So, what's your plan on welcoming 2011? :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010!!

Have a blessed great happy day today, celebrating Christmas with your beloved ones - God's greatest gifts given to us.

Always remember the true meaning of Christmas, and keep the spirit in your hearts the whole year!

Jesus Loves Us :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

New fave quote

A simply good quote from a friend:

Dear Heart,
Fall in love when you are ready, NOT when you are lonely :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hollaaa!  :)

Have you ever heard about L♥♥klet? Well, it should be Looklet, haha.. If you are a fashionaholic - like me! - you must have known this website. For you who have no idea about what it is, I'm giving you a brief introduction - it is a fashion game website. On that website, you can choose your models, then you can be a "fashion stylist" - you can mix and match the outfit of your models just the way you want! And, what makes it sooo cool and fun is that the clothes, bags, etc are all real things you can find in the stores, made by popular designers or brands.

So, it's kind of "if-I-can't-have-it-at least-I-can-enjoy-mixing-and-matching-it-pretending-like-I-do-have-it" LOL! ;D

Lately, I am sooo addicted to it! I loveee shopping and fashion - who doesn't?? - but I can't shop anymore :( No time and no money, hahahaa (poor student!).. So, what can I do is just enjoying those fabulous outfits on Looklet, haha.. I can act like a true fashion stylist, moreover, I can stay updated even though I don't go to any malls hihihi.. But actually it makes me suffer more, though, because I can only stare at them without getting them hahahaha..

Those are some of my looks. Fun, eh? Hahahahahah..

Me ♥ Fashion, Me ♥ Looklet! ^^
PS: add me "cilpie" ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Superman and Wonder Woman

Sabtu pagi kemarin (27 November 2010), aku dibangunin oleh telepon dari cc di Indonesia, mengabarkan kalo Ko Tiu (paman, suami dari ccnya papa) meninggal.

Ko Tiu aku adalah seorang dokter, yang praktek persis di seberang rumahku. Bahkan dulu dia praktek di rumahku. Dia adalah seorang yang tertutup, tidak terlalu mudah bersosialisasi dengan sembarang orang, tapi banyak orang yang menaruh respek dan segan padanya. Meski begitu, ga tau kenapa, tapi sejak kecil aku merasa bahwa dia sayang sama aku.

Menurut aku, dia adalah seorang dokter yang baik. Bukan karena dia itu pamanku sendiri, tapi banyak orang juga bilang begitu. Dia ga segan dan sombong untuk share pengetahuan dia sama pasien-pasiennya. Dia jelasin penyakit yang diderita pasien-pasiennya dengan detail, hal yang mungkin jarang dilakuin oleh dokter-dokter di Indonesia. Dia ga sekedar kasih obat dan nyembuhin penyakit, tapi dia jelasin juga penyebab, mekanisme, dll. At least itu yang dia lakuin ke aku dan papaku. Pokoknya, tiap kali ngobrol-ngobrol sama dia, aku seakan kaya lagi ikut seminar gratis ato dapet lecture di kelas. Bahkan much more useful than my regular classes. Banyak knowledge dan advice yang dia kasih buat aku.

He was as healthy as hell. Tiap siang setelah bangun tidur dia pasti berolahraga selama beberapa menit di dalam rumah, pokoknya always looked perfect deh. Makanya, waktu tau dia sakit kanker prostat akhir tahun lalu, aku kaget. Apalagi waktu aku liat kondisi dia liburan awal tahun ini (Januari 2010). He changed a lot. Kanker prostat menggerogoti badannya. Sedih banget rasanya ngeliat dia kaya gitu. Yet, dia tetep seorang dokter & paman yang share everything about medical or health with me & my dad. Masih dengan semangatnya bagi-bagi tips dan advice ke kami berdua. Cuman, udah banyak hal yang udah ga bisa dia lakuin sendiri, semuanya harus dibantu orang lain. Dan, harus berhenti praktek. Aku inget banget kenangan-kenangan terakhir sama dia waktu aku pulang Januari lalu. Dia sempet minta tolong aku tulis e-mail ke temen baiknya yang ada di China. Sempet ngerayain Sincia bareng-bareng keluarga besar di rumah dia. Dan yang paling ga akan aku lupa, dia kasih aku stethoscope. My first stethoscope. I'm feeling grateful and lucky that I was at home that time, and bisa punya kenangan-kenangan terakhir tentang dia.

Meskipun akhirnya perjuangan dia melawan kanker harus berhenti hari itu, tapi selalu ada berkah di balik semuanya. Tuhan memang udah mengatur semuanya dengan indah dan dengan timing yang perfect. Setelah sekian lama, akhirnya dia mau menerima Tuhan dan dibaptis seminggu sebelum meninggalnya. Don't you see how good God is? Buat aku dan keluargaku, itu sebuah misteri yang indah dan patut disyukuri.

Siapa orang yang selalu ada di sisi Ko Tiu aku di masa-masa penderitaan dan perjuangannya melawan penyakitnya? Siapa yang selalu membantu dia di saat dia udah ga berdaya melakukan segala sesuatu, bahkan untuk bangkit dari tempat tidurnya? Siapa lagi kalo bukan istrinya. Yang dengan setianya sampai akhir menemani suaminya, merawat dan mencintai suaminya. Buat aku, itu luar biasa. Sama persis seperti papaku, yang dengan tegar dan setia ada di sisi mama, merawat dan mensupport mama sampai akhir hidupnya. Mereka adalah wonder woman dan superman, dan aku beruntung plus bangga punya papa dan tante kaya mereka. Sungguh, figur seorang suami dan seorang istri yang baik. Aku cuma berharap aku bisa jadi pasangan sebaik mereka untuk pasangan hidupku nantinya. Sesetia dan setegar mereka, apapun yang terjadi.

Be tough, Kuku Tjen. Stay strong, papa. You've done the best and I'm sure they are happy right now, having an eternal life, without any pain anymore. They are watching us up there :) We'll always miss them, but they'll always stay with us. In our hearts.

I love you both and may God always bless you