Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hollaaa!  :)

Have you ever heard about L♥♥klet? Well, it should be Looklet, haha.. If you are a fashionaholic - like me! - you must have known this website. For you who have no idea about what it is, I'm giving you a brief introduction - it is a fashion game website. On that website, you can choose your models, then you can be a "fashion stylist" - you can mix and match the outfit of your models just the way you want! And, what makes it sooo cool and fun is that the clothes, bags, etc are all real things you can find in the stores, made by popular designers or brands.

So, it's kind of "if-I-can't-have-it-at least-I-can-enjoy-mixing-and-matching-it-pretending-like-I-do-have-it" LOL! ;D

Lately, I am sooo addicted to it! I loveee shopping and fashion - who doesn't?? - but I can't shop anymore :( No time and no money, hahahaa (poor student!).. So, what can I do is just enjoying those fabulous outfits on Looklet, haha.. I can act like a true fashion stylist, moreover, I can stay updated even though I don't go to any malls hihihi.. But actually it makes me suffer more, though, because I can only stare at them without getting them hahahaha..

Those are some of my looks. Fun, eh? Hahahahahah..

Me ♥ Fashion, Me ♥ Looklet! ^^
PS: add me "cilpie" ;)

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