Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my new hobby(ies) and interest(s)

I'm interested in so manyyy things these days. Wanna know the list? Hehehe..

1. Photography!
Actually, this is not a new interest of mine. I loveee photography from so longg, but I kinda have problem: I love to capture things but I also love to be captured! Aahahhaha.. Photographers won't be in the pictures but I love being in the pictures. Could you please help me solve this problem? Wkwkwk.. I'm planning to buy a camera, but I'm still searching for the best one for me. Not the best camera, but the best FOR ME. I don't know whether I'll buy a compact or DSLR camera.. I didn't plan to buy a DSLR, because as so more and more people are getting interested in photography that more and more people buy DSLR, I don't want people to judge me as a "copycat" or just following the trend. I love photography from the heart, guys! But as time goes by, and after trying a friend's DSLR camera, now I want to buy DSLR sooo baddd! Goshh! Do you have any suggestions? I don't need the newest or the best one, though.. As long as it is Canon, hehe.. What do you think?

2. Fashion
Well, I love shopping but never been as interested in fashion as I am now! I love to check Lookbook  or playing Looklet - I just don't have much time and the internet connection is wayy too slow to save my looks on Looklet :(

3. Scrapbooking
Yes! I want to make scrapbooks because scrapbooks are meaningful gifts we can give to our family or friends. Designing my blog backgrounds is my new interest, too.

4. Photoshop
This one is related to point number 1 and 3. I need to learn how to edit photos and design my scrapbooks or backgrounds using photoshop. I know the basics, but I still need to learn A LOT.
I guess I'll be busy during my coming winter holiday, haha..

Arghhh! So many things, ehh? I also want to wave my hair, join the gym, buy a new e-bike that can go faster, etc, etc. Hufft. But the main things are those four things listed above. These are the things that distract me from studying and make me hard to concentrate on my books hahahaa *alibii*..
*HELP!!* >.<

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