Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolution Time!

Hey hey heyy! Without us realizing, it's the last week of 2010 alreadyy! How do you feel about that? Any plans to enjoy this last week of the year?

Well, I never done anything special to end my past years, but this year, I want to do some self-introspections and make my New-Year's-Resolution list. I want to look back to what I've done, what kind of person I've been, and learn from experiences happened to my life. We don't wanna be the same person if we know that we can be someone better, do we? I'm sure that we don't want to keep anything bad from ourselves. We have to change. And that's the most difficult part: to change. However, don't expect people to change - it's US who have to make changes.

I haven't finished my list yet - I guess I'll have a long one, since I never had any before and I'm realizing too many things from me to be changed, haha.. I really want to be a better person, for myself and for people surround me.. And perhaps I'll list the targets I WANT to achieve - not I HAVE TO achieve. I'm always afraid to make any targets. I'm afraid that if I can't reach my goals than I'll be under so much pressure or even feeling down and afraid to try again and again. So, I won't force myself, but I know I have to start having goals in my life, to develop myself.

Umm.. Guess I really am being more and more mature in my ways of thinking. Do you think so? Hehe.. Especially, January has always been a very special month for me. It doesn't only mean the beginning of the year, but also me getting older. It's the best time to start everything all over again, from the very beginning. Hopefully, I'm getting more mature instead of older, haha..

So, what's your plan on welcoming 2011? :)

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