Friday, January 21, 2011

22 :)

January 21st has always been a very special day for me each year. And this year - today - I turn 22!! Ohh time flies, indeed! I feel so old alreadyy, hahaha.. Again, I have the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my family at home. Yipiiee! ^^

What do birthdays mean to you?

Before, I always thought of getting bigger and older on my birthdays. But now, I'm trying to think of getting more MATURE instead of getting OLDER, hahahaha.. I'm trying to be more mature as my age keeps on increasing >.<

And also, I always thought about ME on my birthdays, but as I'm getting more and more mature, I think about my GOD and my MOTHER on my birthday.

God, my Creator and the one who guides me in every step that I take. Who builds me, educates me through everything happened in my life, yet never leave me alone. He gives me so much blessing, strength and miracle to face and get through the dark. He makes my life beautiful and wonderful by giving me people who love me so much - my parents, siblings, family, and friends. God is Awesome!

And my mom, who struggled against the pain and all of the risks to give birth to me, letting me see the world and feel God's Embrace and Love. Who was always there for me and together with my dad, they are God's greatest gifts I could ever had. And I believe, even until this very second, she IS still with me. Watching me and guarding me :)

Of course, I have so many wishes for my birthday - TOO many, you may say! HAHAHAHA.. I won't mention them here, I just wish they may come true :)

By the way, I haven't got my birthday cake! >.< Hehehehehe..


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