Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bye-bye, 7th semester!

14.01.2011 --> The very end of my 7th semester of my study!!

Actually, we've finished our "exam marathon" on January 12, but we still couldn't feel relieved because there was one thing we still had to work on: Seniors' Prom Night!

Then, it was all finished, and now, we can officially enjoy our holidaaay! We've been waiting for this break time from all those stressors we had this semester, starting from the preparation of Indonesian Festival until Prom Night.

Are we relieved now? I bet it's a big YES for everybody! Are we happy? Definitely! That's all? No.
I'm feeling very relieved, happy and sad at the same time right now. Happy and relieved because I finally can get proper and peaceful sleep now, and especially because everything turned out great in the end! This semester was ended perfectly beautifully! The prom was great, the seniors loved it - that's the most most important thing! BIG THANKS to all who've involved for your hardwork, dedication and sacrifices.
But why sad, then? Farewell, of course! One thing that I hate the most, but I can't avoid.

Can you imagine of saying goodbye to those who have been the part of your life with for years? For me, they're just like my brothers and sisters. When I was down, when we were preparing for some events - starting from Welcoming Party 2009, the establishment of SISC and Indonesian Festival 2010 - when everybody was critizing, saying unsupporting things that really brought us down, 05 batch were always there. They always give the biggest support. Indeed! They support mentally, financially, and physically. I really really appreciate that.

Whenever I was stressed out, whenever me - and Evan - needed some advices, they gave many. When we started to feel too tired or didn't know what to do, they guided us back on track.

05 is such an inspiration, supporter, advisor, and guide for us. They are our brothers and sisters, they are the part of our big family, SISC. I may say that, no 05, no SISC, and definitely no Indonesian Festival. No memorable appreciation would've been achieved without them.

That was our last tribute for the 12 of you. We really hope it was memorable, just as what everybody was hoping it to be. Thanks for everything you've done, you've given to us. It means so much for us and we hope you know how much we love you guys! ♥ I will mark this day as a very special day =)

P.S: I so lovee the quote of the Prom:
Friendship is like standing on wet cement.. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave, and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind

Anyways, may I say that I want to enjoy my life now, by having a break time? Hahahaha.. I'm going back to Indonesia on January 17th, which means only 2 days aheadd, hihii.. I'll have to start packing noww, oh noooo! *another stressor? wkwkk*

Well, life's impossible to be without any stress, but what matters is how you cope with it, from which perspective you look at it, and just enjoy life because we have Him! God has helped, and He will always help in his own ways, because He'll never leave us! =)

Happy Holiday, Friends! Enjoyy! ^___^ keep me updated, though!

(Our Prom Dance Song: Cinderella - Steven Curtis)

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