Friday, January 28, 2011

"The" Challenge: Day 04

Day 04 - Your views on religions

Oh well, I have to be honest with you: this is the topic I don't really like and I always try to avoid. But I have no choice now! Hehehe.. I don't like to talk about religions because it's a very very sensitive thing. It is very personal, because it's all about people's personal thoughts, beliefs, and principal.

For me, each religion has its own good. I'm sure that each of them must teach its disciples good things. To be a good person, to always do good deeds to other people, etc, etc. So, I don't like judgement and I, myself, try not to judge other religions as well. I know, it's hard. We must feel and think that our own religion is the best. Why? Isn't it because we know very well about our religion, what it is about, what it teaches us, and we keep on growing our faith according to our religion? Exactly! If we do, then so do other people from other religions! That's why we don't have the rights to judge them. We can't tell that ours is the best, which one is right and which one is wrong. It's simply because we don't know about other religions aside from our own religion AT ALL. Talking and judgin about them will just show the world how stupid we are, and make we fight with our very own brothers and sisters from other religions. Religions are good, but it again depends on the people themselves. Because I don't think Jesus came to promote any religion. He only asked us to follow Him, to do good deeds as what He did, and to pray to Our Father. Well, at least that's what I think, that's my personal opinion. If I write something wrong, I'm sorry - oh, believe me, I hate talking about this! I hate to disturb the peace of life, hahahahha..

I'm not that kind of person who reads the bible very much. I don't know much about the verses - don't expect me to remember or tell what the A, B or C verse tells. But I do go to church every Saturday or Sunday. I do fast, I do pray everyday, and I do trust in God. Isn't the last thing I wrote the most important thing? To believe in God, to trust in God, to have faith in God. Being faithful. Oh no, not ONLY being faithful, but also our DEEDS. Read the bible everyday, go to the church everyday, and pray everyday, but you don't apply it all in your daily life, then it's all a BIG ZERO!

Umm.. I guess that's all from me now.. I don't wanna talk too much, haha.. And also I don't know much - I'm not gonna lie to you - there are so many people who know much more than me out there, so, let them talk, not me. Instead, let me grow more by their sharing, and grow personally by His help, only me and God =)

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