Thursday, January 20, 2011

Girls Day Out

As I've written yesterday, (click here), today I met the girls for the first time after over a year!

What did we do? Did we go to the mall, shopping or window-shopping, watching movie, or going to a cafe gossiping (hehehehe)? None of these!!

At around 7AM, two of them - Fangdya and Eveline - picked me up, and we met the rests of the pack (LOL!) - Arline, Jenita, Henny. Where were we going?

Too small?

They are the girls - Jenita, Eveline, Henny, Fangdya, Arline, captured by me! =p

Yes, we decided to go to a club house and having a "sports day"! Hahahahaha.. We are sick and enough of malls, that's why we wanted to do sports together - more fun, trust me!

Pretty, eh?

Here is the interior:

We started the day by playing badminton and basketball. I can't play badminton but I was so excited to play basketball! And we want moreeee basketball! Hehehe..

Then we went to the gym!!

Hahahahaha.. It felt so cool and "unsual" to hang out in a gym, but still, we enjoyed it! Hhihii..

After sweating a lot in the gym, we went to the swimming pool! And of course, the sauna and the jacuzzi! ;)

Looks nice, eh? Hihii.. I couldn't take pictures while we were doing all of these, because, you know, we were doing sports, so it was impossible to bring the camera everywhere, hehehe..

*Actually, there are 3 elephants behind us, but we are BIGGER than them!! Hahahaha*

What an exhausting yet fun day! And we are looking forward to have another "girls day out" next week, hihii.. Hopefully this time Pung2 will be able to join us. We missed you todaay! >.<

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