Monday, January 31, 2011

Girls Night Out =p

Yey yey yeyy! Yesterday I went out with my girls agaainn! ^^ When I say "my girls", it refers to Pung2, Evelin, Arline, Fangdya, Jen2, and Cing2. Unfortunately there was no Cing2 because she's in Kuala Lumpur right now, doing her internship :(

Last time, we did sports together (click here to read the post), and yesterday, we did a different thing again. We spent night in Arline's house, yeayy! Spending night in Arline's house is like a must thing to do for us, because we nearly do this every holiday =) The interesting part about yesterday was, she was all alone in her house! (Accompanied by her servants, hehe..) Her parents went to Bandung for a wedding party, and her sisters are in Singapore - they went to Super Junior's concert there -.-" Arline just moved to her new house around two years ago, so yesterday was the first time for us to stay there. It's a quite big new house, and it was all ours! Hahahaha.. It felt like we're having our own villa =D

Arline picked us up at our houses yesterday evening - yes, we were going to go to her house but she was the one who had to pick us up, ahhaha.. Sorry, Dear, I can't drive a car, hehehehe.. We went to have dinner first, then went to her house. We talked like crazy, because it's been so long we hadn't have such a great meeting or "reunion". There were so many things to be shared, and lots of gossips, too, of course! Haha.. Not for so long after we were all in the car, we started to lose our voice, HAHAHA..

We played cards, took some pictures, then we went to Hare & Hatter to have a little dessert - girls heart dessert! And again, another pictures:

The girls set this picture as their Blackberry Messenger's profile picture, and their status was "Cing2, we miss you", showing her that we didn't forget her and we really miss her - we wished she were there, too. However, she was so sad and envied us so bad when she saw it. She also wanted to be with us desperately. That's why we then decided to add her into our pictures:


That night, we continued our talk in bed, gossiping, even though we were tired and sleepy, but still, we kept on talking, till we all fell asleep at the same time, hahahha..

This morning, we went to "Pasar Citraland" - the nearest market, and had Nasi Pecel for our breakfast. It was my first nasi pecel since I arrived in Surabaya! Yumm! *Greedyy*

But our reunion had to come to an end today. Pung2 and Fangdya had to go to the campus and the rest of us had to go back to our own home - our family missed us! :D

Anyway, we agreed that it wasn't the last meeting of this holiday. We will go somewhere again after the Chinese Lunar New Year, maybe to have lunch together. Oh, I can't wait for it! Because meeting them is always fun! They're my besties, my BFF - Best Friends Forever! ^^

you, Girls!

P.S: Me and Jenita are the last girls that are single! >.< hahaha.. Happy for y'all! :)

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