Sunday, January 16, 2011

H -1

Pulaaaangg! Yes, I'm going home tomorroww! After a year, I finally will be going back to my hometown, meeting my beloved daddy & fam ^_^

I must be very happy, huh? Well, to be honest, I am happy, but not very excited as I should be. Why? Me don't know either. I've been missing home so muccchhhh even from the very beginning of the semester, and I thought about going home all the time that I bought the ticket very early - in October, haha.. But then, now, I'm not that excited as I was anymore. Normally, I would've been super excited to go home, because finally the exams were over and we can have some break, meeting our family and friends back home. And I just found out last night that I'm not the only one who's feeling like this. So is Dinda. And we both don't know why.

I think, it's probably because, we want to go home, but at the same time we also don't wanna leave. Because we know, after coming back to Suzhou, everything won't be the same. At least that's what I'm thinking (I don't know Dinda's thoughts, hehe). When I come back to Suzhou, the seniors would be gone... One of them has left today.. They're leaving one by one.. Today, tomorrow, 'till they're all gone.. Maybe not all - one or two might be staying or even taking their PG here - but most of them are leaving..
And it's probably because we were still busy till the end of the semester that we didn't feel that it's already time to go home. Hehehe.. Yes, this semester was the busiest semester of my busy days in Suzhou :D

We wanna leave, but our hearts are still here.. That's the problem..

Anyway, I have to pack and tidy my room. I SHOULD'VE BEEN packing and tidying my room right now, instead of sitting on my bed and writing this post, haha.. But I'm lazyy to do it >.<

I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 7am, with the other 21 people. Yupp! There are 22 people leaving tomorrow, heading home! It's like we wanna hijack the plane, huh? Hhahahaha..

Well, I guess I'll see you later when I've arrived home! Or maybe tonight while I'm waiting for the bus, haha.. We never sleep one night before the departure date because the bus comes so early and it's better not to sleep than being overslept, hahaha..

See ya!

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