Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home! =)

Hiii!! This is my first post since I arrived in my hometown, Surabayaa =)

I arrived on January 18, at around 12:30 AM.  There were 21 people going from Suzhou to Kuala Lumpur, but then there were only 3 people - me, Ko Anto and Stacia - going to Surabaya - the rests went to Jakarta. I can say that we had a terrible flight from Hangzhou to Kuala Lumpur. The plane was shaking all the time - may be it was because of bad weather. Most of us were feeling nausea - I almost throwed up :( Anyway, we were happy to be home! :)

However, you know what? The very next day after we left Suzhou, it snowed a lot there!!! Like, A LOT!

(All pictures are taken from Gerry Juan's Facebook)

Do you see that?? Snow all over the cityy! Arghhh!!! I think I'd had the feeling that It was gonna snow after I left, that was why I wasn't whole-hearted to come home, hahahahahha.. They said it's still snowing now! >.< Anyway, I'm happy to be here as well, being with my family, so, I don't regret anything :P

And guess whaaattt?? Tomorrow I'm gonna meet my girlsss for the first time after a year! ^___^ Eveline, Arline, Fangdya, and Jenita. Too bad one of us - Cing2 - is already in Malaysia for internship and Fong2 might not come as well - university tasks thingyy :(

Another thing, today, January 19, is the birthdays of my friends - Jenita and Jean Bury Weymier!!! For Jean, she's also at home now - United States - but eventhough we are far apart, we'll still be remembering each other on our birthdays, because we celebrated our birthdays together last year. It's been a year! Time surely flies? I sent her an e-mail:

Dear Jean,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear Jean!!! Ohhh, it's been a year since "that" dayy! Time flies!
I wish you all the best in everything you do, for you and your family as well.. May God's blessings always be with you and may He always guide you in every step you take..
May you have your dream comes true: celebrating birthday in somewhere warm :)

Now, I am hoping that tomorrow I'll be having a good time with the girls - I'm sure we will!!! What can't girls talk about or do together?? Hahahahaha.. I gotta go to bed early today because I gotta get up very early tomorrow. Yeaayyy!! I hope I'll be having some interesting stories and pictures to be shared here, okayy! ;)

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