Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Prom

Yesterday, January 14, 2011, we held Prom Night for our seniors.

The crew was the juniors from year 2006 and 2007, with the help of the other juniors, and led by Ega Bonar Bastary.

See the invitation:
(For those living in China, maybe you have to open your Freegate first to see the pictures, because I take them from Facebook. It takes time to upload pictures here :( )

This invitation was made just two nights before the party, and I was sooooo tired and sleepy that it ended up me making some mistakes :( I typed about three names wrong - I'm sorry, guys! - and a color matching mistake.. Awww!! I just realized that I didn't even write the hotel's name!! It should've been written before the address - Regalia Resort & Spa. Too bad!!!!! >.<

Our prom theme was "Movie Premiere", that's why the invitation looks like this. But what made me happy was when I saw the decoration made by our decoration crew:

(Picture is taken from Gerry Juan's Facebook, cropped by me)

Do you see it? The invitation matched the decoration! Hihihi.. The girl is Dinda, the leader of the decoration crew. Well, it's not a big deal, though, because we made everything based on the theme, so no wonder if everything was matching :D

This was my look, hihii..
(Picture is taken from Gerry Juan's Facebook , and cropped by me)

Soooo.. The prom was about the premiere of the movie "MENGEJAR MATApencaHARIan". It started with a video introducing the actors and actresses - our graduated seniors! The Masters of Ceremony were Theresa and Leo. It was followed by the speech from the "Producers": Ega, dr.Ana (Jessica's and Raymond's mom - my fave aunt!!! :D) and Ko Wira, and performance of The Parkinsons Band.

Then, the movie started. It was a parody about the seniors, with the juniors acting as them - me as Panjul (Stephanie), Ega as Simas (Dhimas), Stacia as Anjali (Angelina), Prisca as Dindong (Dinda), Etha as Iping (Ipoenk), Budiman as Jepot (Jeff), Raymond as Jaico (Jessica), Marfen as Karimah (Karina), Klara as Acang (Tana), Martin as Untal (Onal), Igna as Hanto (Anto), and Melisa as Kencup (Valen). I was so worried that the drama would be kind of mess because we didn't have too much time to practice (examsss!!!) and we were still having some mistakes here and there, but thank God it was hillarious, everybody laughed - if they were not attending a prom night, maybe they would've been rolling on the floor, hahhaha - especially when seeing Raymond wearing dress and acting like his sister. They look like each other soo much, not only their faces but also the way the act, their thoughts and everything! I always say that if we make Raymond wearing dress, then we will see Jessi. And it was so interesting to see the "imagination" became real, hahahaha..

The seniors and their clones ;D
(Picture is taken from Gerry Juan's Facebook)

We also had games for them, some band performances - The Parkinsons and Last Minute - and we had The Doctors!! Performing for the very very last time :( singing their hit: Racun Dunia, hehehe - thank God they didn't sing Time is Running Out, hahahaha..

There were three videos played, one was "What do fans say about the stars?", the other was about the stars talking about the others and how's their feelings of being graduated and having to leave, and the last was the video of us, the juniors, singing "Ingatlah Hari Ini" for our beloved seniors. The last two videos were very touching, I think.. Especially seeing some seniors crying in the video.... It must be very very hard to leave.. I can't and I don't wanna imagine the day I'm graduated!!! :(

There was the legendary Prom Dance, too! We had four leading couples dancing - Evan, Prisca, Budiman, Ega Frida, Pin2 Chella and I - before we asked the seniors to dance with us. Some seniors ran and hid even before we asked them to dance! But we finally got them all dancing with us *winkk* The prom dance song was "Cinderella".

The last performance was Dela singing "Sahabat" with Ega playing the guitar, and closing speech by Evan and Dela. The prom was closed by hugging and crying. Even before yesterday's "real" farewell, I was already very sad everytime I thought about them leaving - even now, I burst again when typing, hehehe. We'll never know how much love has grown while we're spending times together - good or bad, sad or happy, ups and downs - until we finally have to say "the" word. I think I've said how much they meant for me on my last post, so I won't say it again here.

Wish you all the best, my brothers and sisters! I'm very sad to lose you, yet so happy for you that now you're doctors! Good luck in your future, all the best in your career, and looking forward to meet you again somehow, somewhere! Hope your dreams come true.. It's still a long way to go.. Take care, keep contact and don't forget us!!

WE ♥ 05 --> kakak sulung =)

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