Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions list of 2011

I told you that I was making my resolutions list for this new year. At first, I wanted to keep it as a secret, but then I change my mind. I'm revealing them now here! Hahahha.. Here they are:

1. Changing image!!
Be somebody people can respect, not just people like. Because, when people act nicely in front of you, they may act the opposite way behind you. But once people respect you, they'll do so even if you're not there. Maybe I can look up to my dad, because I know that so many people respect him, even the hardly-respect-other-people kind of persons can respect him. So proud of my dad!

2. Listen to people more
I often only listened to people I respect or my close ones, and didn't listen to other people. I want to be more "open" to others' thoughts and opinions. Actually, I'm quite open when it comes to about my personalities - I love to hear opinions, critics or suggestions about my personalities, good or bad, because I want to be a better and better person, and I know that these "comments" can build me into a better person. But maybe when it comes to other things, I don't listen much to people and often force my own beliefs or decision. So bad :(

3. Join the gym
Since I came to China, I hardly exercise!! I feel that I'm lacking my stamina, and keep storing up my body fat hahaha..

4. Be even more mature ways of thinking, words, and deeds! :)

5. Minimize/reduce clubbing! ;)
Here means, I will go occassionally only. Like, when there's a friend's birthday party, or when so many people are going, including those who rarely go clubbing. Anyway, I go clubbing just because I love to dance and enjoy the music. That's all! No smoking (I hate smoking so muchhh!) and no drugs for sure; the worst thing I can do is just drink a little, hehe.. I didn't go too often, but this is just the part of "changing image". People do judge eventhough they know nothing about other people, so it's better to avoid any bad judgement, do you agree with me?

What do you think?

I'm wishing myself luck >.< With the help of God, I know I'll be able to fulfill them! (Amen!) hahaha..
What about yours? Share them here, please? Haha..

If people can change, than you can, too!
Nothing's impossible :)

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