Monday, February 14, 2011

Bday invitation & thank you

I'm done with my other project: birthday invitation. Yeayy! Because I still can't publish the scrapbook now, I will show you the invitation first. It's my sister's birthday celebration and here it is:

Papers: (Amore)
Elements: (Harvest Spice & Amore); picts are taken from Google
Alpha: (Like A Tree)

And this is the "thank you":

Element: (Amore); picts are taken from Google

What do you think? This is the first invitation I design using the scrapbook kits, so I'd like to know what you really think & if there's any suggestions. I quite love it, though, so does my sister =)

PS: The theme of the small party is actually "Turtle", because the souvenir will be turtle dolls, but because my sisters & I love Hello Kitty, we wanna keep the Hello Kitty on everything, still. Hahahhahaha..

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