Monday, February 21, 2011

First Day in Suzhou

Hello Suzhou! I'm back here, hehe..

I arrived this early morning - about 1 a.m - with a tired body, because I had one whole day of trip. I left my hometown, Surabaya, at 9:25 a.m and flew to be in transit in Kuala Lumpur. I had to wait for about four and a half hours for the next flight. Then, from Hangzhou I still had to take a taxi to Suzhou. What a tiring day!

Remember my post boreD!? About how I got bored to be home? It's a weird feeling but it keeps happening all the time, that, in the beginning of the holiday, I felt kind of bored to be home, having nothing to do, being away from my 24-hours friends - we're even more like brothers & sisters already than friends! - but then when it came the time to leave home, it's always been very hard to be done. See how us humans don't appreciate what we're having till we're about to lose it. Or, we even wait until we've lost it to realize how much we love/appreciate it.

Today was my first day in Suzhou after the one-month-long winter break, and I was feeling total SPIRITLESS. I don't know what was happening with me. Me, who usually is a cheerful girl, today was lacking so much spirit. Unwilling to do anything and just stayed laying on my bed. I even didn't wanna feed myself, because I wasn't hungry and I didn't know what to eat. Almost everything here is fried and I didn't feel like eating fried foods. I wanna eat healthy foods to lower down my Total Blood Cholesterol Level, which has increased because of my stay in China. I didn't wanna go out because it was cold here - not really cold, though, but I haven't adapted with the weather here yet and I still missed the time in Indonesia, where I could wear anything without having to wear jackets. Literally, I didn't want to do ANYTHING but laying on my bed and texting. Weww.. I don't know why. It wasn't because I was feeling homesick, no. I usually didn't feel homesick easily. Maybe it was because I was very spoiled during the break at home that I'm still having it with me till now, hehe.. Or maybe because I was just feeling lonely, because at home, I always had my sisters with me. Here, now, many of my friends haven't come back yet, and to top it off, my roommate is staying in the other dormitory with her sister. The result was, I was feeling lonely, yet nobody motivated me to do anything. And I think I was designed to be very active instead of having nothing to do. The less thing I do, the more I feel lazy, the more I will feel spiritless.

Weird, eh? Hahaha..

But at the end, I really had to go out to the bank. I had to transfer some money TODAY. So, I half-heartedly rode my e-bike to the nearest bank. Maybe God asked me to just have a little time to enjoy the evening, because suddenly my e-bike's battery dropped and I wouldn't be able to reach the bank then go back to my dorm again if I kept riding my e-bike. I decided to park it and then take a walk to the bank. It wasn't very far from where I parked my e-bike. I stopped by at a drink shop to buy my favourite milk tea - mixed with brandy! - and continued to walk while sipping my warm brandy milk tea. Nice! I think I really should get up and get active instead of just staying in my room.

I ended the day with chatting with some of my friends - Melisa, Maria Fenny, Stephanie, Fenny, and Jenhan. It felt so nice to have everybody all around. Hmm, not EVERYbody yet, though. But oh my, I really don't wanna be alone right now. So it was really good to have a long chat and joke with them. The more people I meet, the happier I will be, hehee..

I want to go out, go here and there, but I haven't done with my unpacking things and my room is still a mess, so, I still have to wait..

Have a good night, People! Have a nice day tomorrow :)

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