Saturday, February 12, 2011

happy (again) ^^

Today I'm so happyy! Why? Hmm.. There's a story behind it. I haven't told u yet that I'm making my first scrapbook project, because it's actually a secret. I made it for personal use only & plan to give it as a gift. I just learned how to make scrapbooks & for me, who's not a very creative girl, it kinda makes me feel headache, hahaha..

I'm not gonna tell u what the scrapbook is about now, but I'm telling u that I just got it from the printing shop and I'm so happy to see it!! I'm quite satisfied with it, to be honest, hehehe.. My first creation/design everrr, how could I not being satisfied?? Hahaha.. Well, kind of proud of myself & I'm planning to make my second one. Maybe the scrapbook of my family. Could be about the holiday I'm having now, because I'm having such a great time with my familyy! But before it, my next project is to make my sister's birthday celebration's invitation, huehehehe..

U know what's the best part of making a scrapbook? For me, it's when I get the book printed! To see the real of your creation in your hands. Oh no! It's not the best part yet, if you make it as a gift! It's when you see the person receiving it smiling at it, loving it & feeling happy to have it! :) And I think it's an addictive feeling that makes you don't wanna stop being creative & keep on making scrapbooks, lol.
i promise I will share the scrapbook here, but after I got back to China, ok! Because I want you to give comments, critics & suggestions about it =)

By the way, this is the first time I blog from my mobile phone - I type & post this via my mobile phone. Not a big deal, though, just trying something I've never done before while I'm not doing anything hahahaha..

Stay tune! ;)

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