Tuesday, February 1, 2011

new hairstyle

Chinese Lunar New Year is coming very soon! Do you know the tradition of the Chinese New Year? Umm, I don't know all of them, but I know some, such as, we can't sweep or clean our house on that day and have our hair cut before that day. The reason for the first tradition is because they say cleaning our house can also mean "cleaning" our prosperity, haha.. But I don't know the reason for cutting our hair before new year. Anyway, believe it or not, it's just a tradition =)

For me and my family, we don't really follow all the traditions, but we do some things, just for fun, if I may say. Hehehe.. Just doing what people say, no particular belief.

So, today my dad and I had our hair cut! I had my hair cut not only because of the tradition, but also because my hair was very very long already.
Wanna see my new hairstyle? =D


Very long, eh?


How's it? Do you see the difference? Hehehe.. I think I look even more chubby! >.< But I feel that my head is lighter now with less hair on it! Hahahaha..

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