Tuesday, February 22, 2011

spirit, where are youuu??

Post gw kemaren ttg First Day in Suzhou, and in the end of the post I said that I was feeling better, tapi ternyata oh ternyataa.. Pagi ini I don't feel much better. Begitu buka mata, the first thing I did was replying my friend's sms, then sent another sms to another friends. Basically, aku gak mau nganggur, tapi juga gak mau beres-beresin barang dulu. Mungkin what I'm needing now is just a companion kali yaa.. Pokoknya ga mau kesepian.. Ada apa dengan dirikuu??

Satu hal yang bisa diambil dari sini: JANGAN SERING-SERING ato KELAMAAN LIBURAN DI RUMAH! You'll get spoiled & it will be so hard to be back to the real world. Tanpa bener-bener kita sadarin pun, ternyata rumah adalah rumah, and Home Sweet Home! The best place is to be home. Gak peduli seberapa mandirinya kita, tetep aja kalo udah di rumah itu yang paling enak. Mungkin buat yang belom pernah ninggalin rumah, masi belom sadar how it really means to be home. Aku yang dulu, ga betah banget kayaknya di rumah. Berantem mulu ama cc2, haha.. But distance does make the hearts grow fonder. Hehehehe..

I had a good start of the day: a glass of water and a bowl of fresh strawberries, sitting in front of my laptop. So, I'm hoping a nice day today. Well, maybe I should get outta my dorm, have a walk to class, enjoy the day OUTSIDE these walls, then I'll feel much better again. Just like yesterday. Hari ini aku mau free trial di gym sepulang kelas. Hmm, hope it'll be good.

Anyways, mungkin aku uring-uringan gini karena masi belom punya aktivitas yang jelas di sini? Well, keep on questioning & making my own hypotheses and "maybe"s to answer the question.. Any idea? Huftt..

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