Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Weekend

Last weekend was a very nice one. I went to my friends' place and slept over there last Friday night, because it is located on the Dushu Lake area, and I was having basketball practice on Saturday afternoon. Then, we made a plan to go for a photoshot session on Saturday morning, before the basketball practice. Okay, it was ME who made the plan, hahahaa..

It was such a nice day last Saturday. It was warm and bright, not as cold as the day before or the day after. Lucky us that the weather forecast was right! We went to a place nearby, which has a lake and a church. It was a beautiful place.

Tuty - a very sweet girl <3

Me & Tutyy
Taken by Evan  Surya Kusuma
Couple shots! LOL.

Irma Janita

Evan Surya Kusuma

I love this one!

There are some pictures I can't upload here. Why oh whyy, while these pictures here could be smoothly uploaded?? :(

What do you think about the photos? Give comments, please :)  Because I'm still a newbie, and need to improve myself A LOT. If you wanna see more pictures, you can click HERE.

Really really can't wait for the next photoshot session with my Canon familyy! Oh yes, we all use Canon!


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