Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saman on Independence Day in Shanghai

Today we had another Saman practice, we practice everyday because the day after tomorrow we're going to Shanghai and performing on the 21st.

Because today is our national day, we were divided into two groups - one group wore red shirts and the other wore white shirts. It was fun and very Indonesia, because we're celebrating the independence day, wearing red-white shirts and practicing one of the folk dances. We also sang a song for the Independence Day: 17 Agustus.

17 Agustus tahun 45
Itulah hari kemerdekaan kita
Hari merdeka nusa dan bangsa
Hari lahirnya bangsa Indonesia
Skali merdeka tetap merdeka!
Selama hayat masih dikandung badan
Kita tetap setia, tetap setia
Mempertahankan Indonesia
Kita tetap setia, tetap setia
Membela negara kita

Like I said on my last post, I love Indonesia more than I did before - since I'm an Indonesian chinese, I didn't feel so much love for Indonesia. But after coming to China and meeting so many Indonesians, the love has grown. Furthermore, like people always say, distance makes the hearts grow fonder. I miss home more, I miss Indonesian food, the friendly Indonesian people, etc. And it's also because almost all of the activities here are about introducing Indonesia to the world. We always perform something about Indonesia to make people here know more about our country.

Anyways, Happy 65th Birthday, Indonesia!

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