Saturday, May 21, 2011

Officially Published!!

Heyy! Yes, I gladly announce that this blog is finally officially published!! ^___^

I've been blogging on (, and I decided to make another blog on blogspot because I think there are so many things I can do with my blog on blogspot. Firstly, I can design the background myself, or use any other cute themes designed by others. Secondly, I love its feature which we can follow other blogs on blogspot, so that we can keep on updating as soon as new posts are made.

So. here I am! I've been working on this blog - importing all the contents from, because I want everything is here, as well as on my first blog. And I'd like to use the first anniversary of my first blog to officially publish this blog. I had to work faster to do it on time =D

I'm keeping my first blog, too, because it's where I started blogging, and I don't want to just leave it. More over, as I live in China, it's easier to access here. So, every time I make a new post, I'll post it on both of my blogs, and leave you the choice whether to read it on or blogspot. Point is, leave comments! Hahahaha..

I'm happy to finally publish it, because that means I can finally follow people publicly, LOL! =P

I hope by this blog, we can stay connected and I can make more friends, inspire and be inspired by others. Enjoy reading! =)

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