Monday, June 20, 2011

Crying with you

This afternoon I was shocked by a news from a friend, Arline. Dia tiba2 bilang, "Vi, papa e Fong2 ga ada lhooo :( ". Begitu baca, aku superkaget & pengen nangis. Fong2 is one of my closest friends since we were in junior high school. Temen nari, temen hang out, tempat curhat. Ga pernah denger berita apa2 tentang papanya. Makanya, abis baca itu berita aku langsung telvon Arline without any second thoughts.

Ternyata, kata Arline, semalem Fong2 bilang papanya tiba2 sesek napas, even pas duduk jg tetep ga enak, masi sesek. Tp pas mau dibawa ke rumah sakit, papanya ga mauu. Rencananya hari ini mau check up aja. Ternyata it was too late :(

Padahal si Pung2 baruuuu aja lulus. Bener2 baru selesai sidang beberapa hari yg lalu, & is going to have her graduation ceremony in August, which is one of the reasons I finally decided to go back home this holiday.

Aku bener-bener pengen pulang. BENER-BENER PENGEN. I really want to be there, right beside her, giving her a very BIG hug, crying with her. Anything. Yg penting ada di sana buat dia, nemenin dia, during her hardest moment. Tp ga bisa. I'm stuck here, in the middle of the final exams. Masih lebih dari sebulan sampe saat kepulanganku. And I feel so badddddd!! Ga bisa ada di sana buat diaa. I know she wouldn't mind, of course she'll definitely understand, but still!! >.< Temen2 yg lain (The Girls) are going to Bondowoso - her hometown - & aku pengen ikuut! Tp ga bisa :( I hate the fact that I'm not there for my best friend when she needs hers.

Aku cuma bisa kasih support & doa dari sini.

Dear Pung2, my deepest condolences for your loss.. I can't say and do anything but praying for your Dad & you, and your entire family. Aku ga bisa ada di sana buat kamu saat ini, I wish I were there beside you. Tp kamu tauu, dimana pun aku berada, I'll always be there for you. You can always call me, text me, anything.
It's not gonna be easy. But for now, I'm not gonna ask & tell you to be tough, to be strong.  I just wanna hug you. And cry with you.

May your Daddy rest in peace, with Jesus. And my Mom! :)

I love you, Dear. Will be praying for you & your family. You'll never walk alone..

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