Sunday, June 19, 2011

From a blessed daughter

Thank you
For taking care of me ever since I was born
For working hard to afford all my needs
For educating me, to be what I am now

Thank you
For praying for me every night
For supporting me and trying to give me everything I ask for
For encouraging me when life might bring me down

Thank you
For every single thing you've done for me
For every single moment we've spent together
For every single prayer you've said for me

Most importantly,
Thank you for every single love you have for me
Thank you for making us have the faith that Mama is still here with us
Thank you for making us believe that Mama will always live in our hearts

Here I pray to You, Lord
Asking You to protect him, keep him away from harms
Give him health and happiness
Keep his faith in You
Because he is one of the greatest blessings You've given to me

Happy Father's Day, my Dear Superhero!
We you, Papa :)

Your proud little daughter