Monday, June 20, 2011


Who doesn't know Tumblr nowadays?

I first knew about tumblr from a picture. Then sometimes I opened it just for searching for good quotes or cute pictures, because I saw so many good stuffs & inspiring quotes or pictures taken from tumblr. But never thought or considered to sign up.

Later, my friend said that she signed up on Tumblr, and she was happy to blog there. She asked me to sign up, too, but I refused to, because I don't want to have too many blogs - I've got 2!

But one day, I found good pictures that I want to keep. And inspiring quotes. I can just remember or take a note of those quotes, but pictures sometimes do speak louder than just words. I finally decided to sign up, just for my own collection. As I used it more often and frequenty, I started to love tumblr more and more. Moreover, I found more and more good sites, which pictures I want to reblog. I keep it as my personal "inspiration & motivation box" =D

I reblog many pictures, quotes, and some videos that I find them interesting, inspiring, and super cute.If you want, you can visit it at! =) Still, with the same name, "Live.Love.Hope.DANCE!", hehehe.. I met so many creative people there, so, take a look & get inspired! ;)

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