Saturday, November 5, 2011

Seven Years

November 5, 2004
That was when I lost her
That was when she left us forever..

November 5, 2011
Seven years has passed since then
Yet, nothing has changed
She still lives in our hearts
We're still missing her
Those memories of her remain in our thoughts

God, I really really don't want to lose this feeling
I am afraid that one day, I'll forget about her. I am afraid that I'll lose the feeling of missing her
I'd rather be missing her every single day than losing that feeling
I'd rather cry every night than forget about her

She was a great mom and wife
She was a great daughter and sister
She did a very good job here
And until now, she is still the best we've ever had in our lives

Thank You, Lord, for giving me the chance to be born and raised by such a great woman

Please, tell her how much I miss her, how much I need her..
To be by my side
To guide me
To share the experiences she had when she was a medical student just like I am now
To tell me how to be a good wife for my spouse, and a good mother for my children
To have a mother-and-daughter quality time, to share girls thingy
To tell her stories about my friends, my problems, my love life
Too many things I want to do with her

But I know you are happy with Him now
You are healed
And you keep on watching me, guiding me in every step I take

I just miss you, Mom.. And I can't deny the fact that I really need you..
You're the best, irreplaceable..
My personal Guardian Angel 


  1. what happen to your mom? is it because cancer?
    hugs hugs*
    believe me u wont lose that feelings, coz forever she is in your heart.
    and God place her for purpose..
    but for sure He wont let u sad, He want when u remember her theres tears of joy :D

    salam kenal juga.. yeayy

  2. Iyaa, lung cancer..
    Amen!! I know that His plan is the best for us, seburuk apapun itu di mata kita manusia, but I believe everything happens for a reason =) cuman, tetep, di saat2 seperti ini, I just wanna "enjoy" the feeling of missing her..

    Thank you yaaa ^^
    *hug you back!*

  3. Sylvia, aku ngerti banget apa yang kamu rasain,
    kangennya kaya apa.. jangan terlalu melow ya syl klo lagi kangen.. :)

    aku nanti juga mw tulis sdkt ttg kehilangan salah orang tua ku di Thanksgiving Thursday next.

  4. @Felisia: Ohh.. Jd ga sabar pengen baca tulisan km :) makasih yaa.. *hugs*

  5. Sylviaaaaaaaaa. I'M SO SO SO SO SORRYYYYY to hear it!!! oooh my. post-mu ini membuatku sangat bersyukur aku masih punya 2 orangtua T____T my prayer goes with you :( God will console you in your sorrow, dear....

  6. @Nonik: Yes, bersyukur msh punya orangtua yg lengkap, karena gimana pun jg anak2 membutuhkan BOTH of their parents.. Show & shower them with love everyday selagi masih bisa. Tapi segala kejadian pasti ada sisi positifnya kok, tergantung gimana kita melihatnya aja =)
    Thank you, Dear :)