Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love is in the air

What did I do on last Valentine's Day?

Did I have a romantic dinner? No.
Did I go out somewhere? No.
Did I spend it with my beloved one(s)? YES.

I was in Dushu Lake campus on Valentine's Day. Do you know the TV series "How I Met Your Mother"? It is aired every Tuesday, so every Tuesday we have a schedule: watching HIMYM. Well, I usually watch it alone in my room, while the others watch it together, because I live far away from them. But last week, because I was spending the week there, I joined the crowd, hehehe..

So, there I was. On February 14, 2012 night, having a movie night with the other 6 single guys - 1 of them is in a long distance relationship so he HAD TO join us, hahaha.. We ordered some food - I wanted to cook some but unluckily, there was no any beef left in the market nearby *sigh*
After watching HIMYM, we had a late dinner at 10PM, we had couple glasses of ice wine and red wine, and we had chocolates, too. Pretty good, eh? Then we continue the night with another movie, and a couple rounds of game, hehe..

It was raining that day. But did I have a good time? Yes. It was a good rainy day, when you still can feel the love everywhere the whole day. Whether it came from those who were excited - and maybe nervous - looking forward to have a private time with their bf/gf - a romantic dinner or just a movie night at home - or from those who are single but surrounded by their lovely friends.

I was very grateful that I could spend Valentine's Day as a single woman. I was so glad that I could show some love to my friends, and though I'm away from my family, I still greeted them on the phone. You know me, every little "event" matters, hehe..

See? You don't have to feel lonely, sad, and desperate just because you don't have that ONE person to spend Valentine's Day with. You've got MANY people to share the love and the good time with, even MORE than you know. Be grateful, because if you were not single, you wouldn't have had the chance to do so. I'm not saying this just to comfort you & myself. I really mean it. Moreover, we have Him, who shows His everlasting love to us every single day. What else do we ask?

Not every person can show his love easily and spontaneously. Most people are just shy, not used to it, and some of them have high self-pride or big ego. But I'm happy that I'm not. I can and I WANT TO always show love to people I care about. I want to love like there's no tomorrow, I want them to feel it, to know that I really care.

"Thank you, my dearest family and friends, whoever and wherever you are. Thank you for the memories, the good times, for everything we've shared together and we've been through.. You all are what make my life so colorful and worth living. I treasure every moment spent with you. Love you all, Guys.."

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