Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Website For Doctors or Soon-To-Be-doctors

I'm here now to introduce you a new website..

Yesterday, a senior of mine - Ko Ega, he's graduated last January - texted me. He asked if I would join this new website. So, what is it about? is a brand new website created by doctors for doctors. It aims to be a place where young and internet-user doctors can gather, ask questions, share informations (eg.: simposia, seminars workshops,), give and/or find job vacancies, anything about medical field. It's just like Facebook for doctors :p You can also write posts just like blogging.

Because it's a new website (I don't know when it's established exactly, but my senior who is a "helper" on the website joined it on June 28, 2012, which means only a month ago), not too many stuffs are there YET. Most administrators of the website are the alumni of medical faculty of Unika Atma Jaya, which explains why the members mostly are/were students of  medical faculty of Unika Atma Jaya, too. But it keeps on growing :)

So, if you are a medical student (being at least in the fourth year of your study and doing your internship), a resident, a General Practitioner, or a specialist, please kindly join this website and invite your friends as well. It's still new, but hopefully it will have a good prospect in the future. Let's make friends, broaden your knowledge, and maybe find your next medical career! :)

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