Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Me And My Guilt

Oh, I'm falling back in love with fashion lately! No, maybe it's not the right words to use. I never fall out of it, I'm just falling for it deeper these days =p

One of the reasons is because there's been a BIG SALE happening in this town since June! All of my favourite brands like ZARA, H&M, Mango, Bershka, and Pull&Bear! Going to a shopping mall where those brands exist is like committing suicide for me during these past three months. I never came out of it without carrying a single shopping bag, even on those days when I didn't feel like shopping >.<
I was in the similar condition around two years ago, when I shopped almost every week. At that time, I always went to my favourite shopping mall every week after church and spent half of the day inside the fitting room with my friend, trying everything we found =D And this big summer sale "has awaken" my shopping spirit back *evil grin*

Here are "some" of my newest stuffs from my fave shops:

Bershka floral wedges

Bershka brown pumps

ZARA red dress (front and back view)

Pull&Bear black one-shoulder lace dress

Oh yes, I LOVE shoes and dresses! I got them so cheap you won't believe the price =p Unfortunately I don't have the pictures of myself wearing them yet..

How could I resist something like that?? Especially if I compare it to what I'll "face" back in Indonesia. Everything is more expensive in Indonesia when it comes to fashion, I think. Especially for shoes. That's why, I'm in the moment where I-have-to-shop-while-I-can-for-the-sake-of-myself -but-not-for-my-pocket LOL. It's so worth it to shop here especially during big sale like right now :D

Shopping is another bittersweet thing for us girls. We feel so guilty because we spend some amounts of money, on the other hand, we are happy to get those stuffs we love, too, hahaha..

Lately, I'm back to following fashion bloggers' blogs again. I used to open Lookbook everyday, but not anymore, because I think it's not good for my mental health. It made me wanna shop again and again and again =p However, it's really interesting to watch the development of fashion in my own country, especially my hometown, Surabaya. And of course I wanna know what style of fashion they're having now back home because I'm going back soon *yay!*

As I've told you just now that I'm going back to Surabaya soon - I'll be graduated in January 2012, please pray for me - I'll have to pack everything. I don't wanna know what will happen and what my daddy will say when he sees my stuffs, hahaha..

But don't worry, the summer sale is going to end soon, which means my "sweet suffering" is going to end soon, too, hehehe *HOPEFULLY* Actually, I rarely shop, you know.. That was why my friend encouraged me to buy those stuffs I wanted to buy, because I don't go to shop often, especially after working as an intern in the hospital. Being an intern is way more exhausting than being a busy girl I used to be! It makes me wanna stay at home during weekends. Or maybe it's just me getting old? Hopefully not, hahaha..

Today, I wanna recharge my energy on my bed while refreshing my eyes by seeing the pictures of Indonesian fashion bloggers. Have a relaxing evening!

PS: Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate it :)


  1. sepatunya yang bunga2 lu cu banget Syllll....sukaaaa...\(",)/ Mau dunkkkk ^^V

    1. Hihihi makasiihh.. Aku juga sukaa, wedges pula, jd ga menyiksa kl dipake jalan lamaan :D

  2. nice blog pretty!
    are you from Surabaya??
    I'm from Surabaya too :D
    want to follow each?

    Wulan Wu on http://bootsydoopsy.blogspot.com

    1. yes, I'm from Surabaya :)
      thanks for visiting!

  3. ya ampunn itu baju brokat dan flowery shoes haiss. bkin mupeng.
    udah ye non jangan feel guilt, enjoy selagi u can. harganya masi reasonable kan di sono drpd di indo.
    gue jg merasa bersalah abis beli kertas surat 274ribu T________T

    1. huahahha iyaaa.. thanks for making me feel much better, Aniii :* :p
      itu percaya ga percaya, heels2nya cuman 99RMB loh, dress2nya jg 100RMB lbh2 dikit, hihihi *ketawalebar :D
      puk puk puk, gapapa, kan uda beli kertas surat dr sini yg harganya maknyuss ;D