Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday: Health And Safety

Last week, I spent the whole week in Neurosurgery Department. Two words to describe neurosurgery: cool, yet painful.

I love surgeries, so I definitely enjoyed my time there, without question. Watching a brain surgery is like watching a totally different surgery than any other surgeries I've watched or scrubbed in before. The machines, the tools, and of course the techniques, are way so cool. Especially because we're operating on a head, not other parts of the body, and that makes brain surgeries so horrible to watch. But not for me, though. I was still as excited as usual to watch the surgeries =p

Because a single mistake can ruin everything, usually us, the interns, are not allowed to scrub in. We can only watch the whole procedure. But lucky me, I scrubbed in twice, because they were simple surgeries (both were the resection of scalp lumps, in which we didn't have to open the skull). My tutor was so nice and kind to me. The director even treated me for lunch in the OR's canteen because I ran out of balance in my canteen card *blush*. Well, one of those two surgeries went more complicated and 2.5 hours longer than it should've been, because in the middle of the surgery, we found out that it wasn't a lump; it was an arteriovenous fistula. Arteriovenous fistula surgery is a very complicated surgery, because it bleeds so much and so easily. But the surgery went well and the patient was in good condition :)

Despite all the "coolness" and "awesomeness", I almost cried when I saw the patients in that department. You know what happens to people with brain problems. Some of them change in their behaviours (they scream all the time, or they can't move their bodies), or some change in their appearance (they had part of their skulls removed, etc). And they have to survive dangerous surgeries to remove the tumors or whatever problem they're having inside their head or brain. Thank God I wasn't in charge of the ICU, because I would've felt more terrible there. ICU's patients are those who are very critical, and most of them are unconscious, or have been unconscious for a very long time. It's common to see someone dies in ICU :(

Spending a week watching all those things makes me being so grateful everyday that I have a good health. I get to wake up every morning and be able to do anything I want to. Those simplest things we always forget to give thanks to God, yet there are so many people out there can't even open their eyes. There are so many families out there having to watch their beloved people laying unconsciously on beds. What a reminder! And I thank to God for that, too. For giving me such a reminder that I still have so much to be thankful for.

Well, I'm having a common cold now - cough and running nose - because I had to meet patients with respiratory diseases too in that department - some of them had bad coughs - and I think I got too exhausted, which make my immune system weak. But still, I'm perfectly fine, though I hope this coughing and running nose will end soon. Wearing a mask when you're having a running nose is a bad thing! >.<

Another thing that slapped me on the face (and I want that to remind you, too) is the fact that so many patients of the neurosurgery are from traffic accidents. They got brain injury, brain hemorrhage (bleeding), brain traumas, and they even lost their lives, because of traffic accidents. That makes me don't wanna experience that (who wants?????) and reminds me to drive more safely and carefully. It feels like I'll waste my life if I have to lose it on a traffic accident :( So, my dear friends, please drive safely for the sakes of yourself and the people who love you!

Have a nice week and God bless :)

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